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MDMA Equipment’s New Aqua Washdown Scale Offers Effortless & Accurate Weighing for Rigorous Applications

You are viewing the weighing news Adam Equipment’s New Aqua Washdown Scale Offers Effortless & Accurate Weighing for Rigorous Applications at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Adam Equipment's New Aqua Washdown Scale Offers Effortless & Accurate Weighing for Rigorous Applications

Adam Equipment (United Kingdom) – Adam Equipment, a leading worldwide manufacturer of professional scales and balances, expanded its washdown line with the introduction of the Aqua washdown scale.

Designed for applications requiring frequent washdowns, the versatile Aqua range can withstand harsh industrial, catering and food processing environments. Aqua’s IP67 protection rating means it’s safe from airborne particles (such as dust) and water immersion up to a depth of one meter, making the scale ideal for applications that require frequent and repetitive cleaning.

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The four Aqua models range in capacity from 9lb/4kg to 70lb/32k, with readabilities from 0.001lb/0.5g to 0.01lb/5g. The scales feature overload protection to prevent damage to internal components.

A durable ABS housing, stainless steel pan (ranging from 9.6 x 7.1”/245 x 180mm to 11.8 x 8.3”/300 x 210mm, depending on the model) and sealed keypad allow Aqua to effortlessly operate in the most demanding industrial environments and keep going after just a quick washdown. Strategically placed channels in the housing and a sealed internal design protects Aqua’s components from water penetration.

The easy-to-operate Aqua offers a sleek, simplified keypad that hides certain indicators until needed for a clutter-free display. Bright front- and rear-facing 0.8”/20mm LED displays allow two users to share a single scale for improved productivity and efficiency.

Along with highly accurate percentage weighing and parts counting functions (including parts counting optimization that automatically refines piece weight as parts are added to the pan), the scale simplifies checkweighing with indicators that alert the user if a sample is lower, higher or within the preset limits.

Aqua can be powered either by an included AC adapter or users can take the compact washdown scale on the go, thanks to its internal rechargeable battery. The built-in battery offers up to 55 hours of continual use, while its auto power-off function conserves battery life for uninterrupted operation. For protection during travel to field locations, Adam Equipment offers an optional hard carrying case for the scale.

About Adam Equipment:

Adam Equipment was founded in 1972. It designs and manufactures precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide. Adam Equipment’s global distribution network serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, and animal/veterinary markets. Its head office is in Milton Keynes, England and has extensive operations and holdings in the United States, China, Australia, South Africa and Germany.

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