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Introducing the New OHAUS Defender® 6000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale

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Introducing the New OHAUS Defender® 6000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale

Ohaus Corporation (United States) – Press Release: A higher level of performance and durability.

Stands up to harsh cleaning in processing and packaging environments.

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It’s versatile, precise, and extremely durable. The new Defender® 6000 Extreme Washdown Bench Scale is thoughtfully designed for IP69K washdown protection and constructed to meet the demands of industries where reliable precision is essential and the working conditions can be harsh. The easy-to-clean Defender 6000 is rugged enough to handle the extreme rigors of the food and chemical processing industries, yet it boasts all the advanced features operators require to meet their complex weighing needs.

For years, the OHAUS Defender has been the bench scale preferred by operators in thefood, chemical, and pharmaceutical industry for their remarkable durability, precision, and versatility. The all new Defender 6000 takes industrial weighing performance to a higher level.

For more information about the Defender 6000 visit the Product Page.

Built to Withstand Harsh Environments:

OHAUS Defender bench scales are durably constructed to handle the most demanding industrial applications and the new 6000 model leads the way with a body built to withstand extreme temperatures, water pressure, and even full immersion.

Defender 6000 features a 316 stainless steel platform and frame, and an advanced IP68/IP69K washdown indicator with a hermetically-sealed load cell and knife-proof front panel. Defender 6000 is NSF certified, USDA-AMS accepted and supports HACCP systems so it makes an excellent choice for food safe environments.

Defender 6000 series bench scales are specifically designed for IP69K washdown protection, enhancing food safety and reducing downtime. The bench scale can endure anything from food splatters to chemical splashes and it’s rugged enough to handle being washed down with a high-pressure hose.

Featuring IP68 immersion/IP69K washdown protection, Defender 6000 can stand up to the harsh cleaning common in processing and packaging environments. In food, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications, corrosion protection is critical, and these bench scales are up to the task. Defender 6000 series bench scales offer two types of indicators: a polycarbonate indicator housing for superior protection against moisture and a 316 stainless steel indicator for enhanced protection against corrosion from cleaners and additives.

Adjustable, non-slip rubber feet help ensure operational stability. All Defender models are easy to clean and maintain for continued use.

A Very Versatile Bench Scale:

Defender 6000 meets the weighing needs of practically any food or chemical processing application with advanced applications, including configurable check weighing, parts counting, check counting, percent weighing, dynamic weighing and display hold. i-D61XWE models also support filling. Easy-to-use application modes eliminate the need for long and complicated manual calculations.

These versatile bench scales include a high-resolution display with fast weight display and multiple software modes to meet processing and packaging needs. Defender 6000 bench scales are packed with advanced features.

The i-D61PW model is easy to use with five keys, and a large, bright backlight LCD screen for simple weight status display. The easy-to-read 3-color check light bar spans the width of the display.

The more advanced i-D61XWE model features a bar matrix display, extended, knife-proof keypad with dedicated keys for quick item changeovers, and a hands-free, touchless sensor to reduce contamination risk. The i-D61XWE bench scales also offer high storage capacity. Up to 300 library items can be shared within different weighing modes. Up to 100 user IDs can be stored for secure user access and traceability.

Both models offer advanced auto-optimization software for average piece weight recalculation and a display hold feature that allows the user to manually or automatically hold the last stable weight of an item on the display.

Additional Defender 6000 features include 150% overload capacity protection, menu password protection, menu and key lock, stability indicator, overload/underload indicators, low battery indicator (i-D61PW models), auto shut-off, and auto tare. A dedicated target key allows quick set-up of package over/under weights, speeding up line changeovers and customizable templates allow for easy data printing.

Flexible Connectivity Options:

Defender 6000 is designed for simple connectivity in a variety of application settings.

i-D61PW models offer an optional infrared communication kit for connectivity without opening the housing. The indicator can store up to 1,000 weighing results which can be transferred to a PC or system for traceability. PW models can run on standard D-cell batteries for up to 1,600 hours.

i-D61XWE models offer multiple connectivity options, including built-in RS232 and USB hosts, optional RS232/RS485/USB, Analog output, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Ethernet and Discrete I/O with relays. XWE models run on standard AC power, and an optional external USB power bank holder is available (up to 55 hours with 20,000mAh power bank).

OHAUS offers a variety of available accessories for Defender 6000, including connectivity kits, lights, cables, columns, batteries, and more.

Defender 6000 is easy to clean, easy to operate, and offers the reliable precision you’ve come to expect from OHAUS. And its durable construction allows you to simply weigh it and spray it.

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