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New Ishida Europe Checkweigher Range Meets European Market Needs

New Ishida Europe Checkweigher Range Meets European Market Needs

You are watching the latest news about electronic scales and equipment New Ishida Europe Checkweigher Range Meets European Market Needs at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Ishida Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom) – Press Release: Ishida Europe is launching an enhanced range of checkweighers designed to meet latest European market requirements. The new Ishida DACS-GN platform capitalises on the company’s nearly 50 years’ experience of checkweigher technology to take checkweighing to the next level, while retaining the familiarity of the existing range to enable companies to transition seamlessly to the new models.

Manufactured in the UK for faster lead times, and with Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) approval across the range, the Ishida DACS-GN checkweighers can be specified in two variants, Excellence and Advanced. Both offer improved performance with the flexibility to handle a wider range of target weights – from 5g up to 6kg – at higher speeds of up to 480 packs per minute.

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“At Ishida our focus is on continuous development, listening to our customers and identifying latest market requirements,” said Philip Grove, Ishida’s Product Manager – Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, IDCS. “The DACS-GN checkweighers build on our experience and expertise to deliver improved levels of speed and efficiency, together with enhanced flexibility.

“Equally important is the ease with which customers can change to the new models, which can be simply integrated into existing lines and which operators will be able to quickly adapt to.”

The development of the Ishida DACS-GN has focused on enhancements to three main areas: electronics, software and mechanical design.

The common electrical platform allows ease of maintenance and servicing, while the simplified software system requires no additional operating hardware to accommodate both standard and optional programmes. The new design and layout of the checkweighers has delivered further advances in reliability, performance and convenience.

Standard features include an intuitive Colour Touch Screen display for ease of operation, powered by Ishida’s latest generation of software. The software development incorporates several enhancements including a “licence key”: The ability to add options without the need for a service visit, local backup of production data to USB and enhanced connectivity to support OPC-UA and Industry 5.0.

All DACS-GN models are compliant with the latest retailer standards including the availability of a metal detector and the incorporation of Ishida’s advanced RRC (Retail Reject Confirmation) software and hardware that checks and confirms that any out-of-specification product or pack has been successfully removed from the line.

As part of this, additional photo-eye sensors provide even greater accuracy for the tracking of product throughout the weighing process. The system will automatically go into protection mode and stop if any inconsistency or unauthorised interference are detected, or if a rejected item is not removed successfully.

The construction of the DACS-GN checkweighers has been made even more durable with the inclusion of enhanced components, and re-designed covers and access panels that provide faster and easier access for service and maintenance. Ishida’s proprietary Anti-Floor-Vibration (AFV) technology maintains the highest weighing accuracy even in challenging production environments.

Models can be specified with IP54 and IP65 certification for dusty or wet conditions and to meet stringent cleaning requirements. A new Plug-and-Play platform speeds up installation, and quick-release stainless steel conveyor beds across all waterproof models further improve hygiene and facilitate faster cleaning.

In addition, the incorporation of lifting brackets avoids the risk of machine damage during installation or if the checkweigher requires moving and repositioning in the factory.

“The new DACS-GN checkweighers have the flexibility to meet the needs of a huge variety of applications, combining advanced features and performance with the quality and reliability for which Ishida has always been known,” concluded Philip Grove.

New Ishida Europe Checkweigher Range Meets European Market Needs

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