New BACSA’s Retail Scales BC1303-DC and BC1303-DV

New BACSA’s Retail Scales BC1303-DC and BC1303-DV

BACSA – Básculas y Arcas Catalunya, S.A. (Spain) – Bacsa introduces its new line of trade balances in two bodies format and completely made of stainless steel BC1303-DV and BC1303-DC. The EC type certificate make that these scales can be used throughout Europe.

The electronic scales BC1303 in two bodies format with labeler and graphic display can show the product name, the operation to be performed or an advertising message.


  • The BC1303 scales offer up to 2000 PLU easy-to-add (50 direct) and have 20 vendors.
  • The alphanumeric keypad makes operation easy. You can choose from several label formats for increased productivity and versatility.
  • Its networking capability, along with a user-friendly operation, makes BC1303 scales ideal for shops seafood, meat and fruits and vegetables.
  • With the Ethernet connection (with Web Server or UDP protocols) the connectivity of these scale is assured and can offer a quality/price rate extraordinary. The BC1303 scales are ideal for wet products such as seafood, fish, etc.
  • The weight range of these scales is 6 kg / 2 g, 15 kg / 5 g and 30 kg / 10 g.
  • His body, made of high quality stainless steel, make them easy to maintain and clean.

For more information about the New Retail Scales from BACSA click here.

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