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“Better Protection than Ever”: methylenedioxymethamphetamine Equipment Launch Brand New, Premium IP68 Waterproof Bench Scale

You are viewing the Weighing Scale News “Better Protection than Ever”: Adam Equipment Launch Brand New, Premium IP68 Waterproof Bench Scale at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment. All international weighing devices and parts come from Famous manufacturer.

Adam Equipment (United Kingdom) – Press Release: A brand new waterproof stainless steel bench scale from British weighing scale manufacturers Adam Equipment offers “better protection than ever” – as the company expands its range to offer more to the food and drink production industry.

The Aqua ABW-S – which has received its IP68 certification meaning it has enough protection from moisture to be capable of submersion in up to 1.5 metres of freshwater for up to 30 minutes – joins a range of industrial scales available from the brand, which celebrates its 50th year in 2022.

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The new scale boasts stainless steel construction, a compact size suitable for use on most worktops, and a rechargeable battery for added portability. Additionally, a range of capacity and readability options offer weighing up to 32kg, with readings as precise as 0.1g.

The IP68 rating means the Aqua ABW-S is well suited to food production and kitchen weighing applications. Strategically placed channels in the housing and a sealed internal design protects the scale’s components from water penetration.

After a simple washdown, the ABW-S – which is National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)-certified for food safety – is ready to go again. For additional safety, the ABW-S includes blue levelling feet which increase visibility while providing support to help keep the scale from sliding on a wet worktop.

Built to last, the scales feature a grade 304 stainless steel housing and platform, along with a sealed keypad. The generously sized pan (245mm x 180mm on most models and 300mm x 210mm for the ABW 32S model) is removable, making the ABW-S easy to clean and maintain.

Tom Storey, Head of Marketing for Adam Equipment, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic has made everyone much more conscious of the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Washdown scales like the ABW-S are perfect for applications like food production and foodservice, where scales require frequent, thorough cleaning.

“The ABW-S is part of our growing range of scales for industrial weighing: now, we can offer a scale with better protection than ever.”

About Adam Equipment:

Adam Equipment was founded in 1972 in Milton Keynes. It designs and manufactures precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide. Adam Equipment’s global distribution network serves the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, and animal/veterinary markets. Its head office is in the UK and has extensive operations and holdings in the United States, China, Australia, South Africa and Germany.

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