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Testing – MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd equip its LNG fleet’s marine cranes with SmartLoad® Load Monitoring for safer lifting operations

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Scotload Ltd. (United Kingdom) – The requirements: MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd approached Scotload to deliver a solution that protects on-board assets and personnel. As part of MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s commitment to raising the bar for global gas shipping, the company searched at length for a safety solution that could withstand the toughest environments while adhering to the latest regulatory standards. Recognising the zone 1 rating and full hazardous area compliance of its SmartLoad® solutions, the company chose Scotload to ensure safe lifting.

Scotload’s solution:

Understanding the harsh conditions that MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s vessels operate in, Scotload specified an intrinsically safe tension load cell along with a range of ancillary rigging products. This load monitoring solution complies with IECEx (international), ATEX (European) and AEx (U.S/North American) standards.

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Drawing on over 50 years’ expertise in asset management engineering, this off-the-shelf SmartLoad® solution is designed to maximise safety. The load cell handset is manufactured from an anti-static material for maintained certification regardless of damage from general use. As a unique feature, batteries for this can be changed within hazardous areas to mitigate the risk of downtime owing to battery life. With Scotload’s fast and simple delivery, MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd received the equipment with enough time to meet their demanding timescales.

To support MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s load monitoring operations, Scotload supplied a wireless SmartLoad® handset which displays load-on-hook in real time to notify users in instances of overloading. This has been approved for safe use in both zone 1 and zone 2 rated hazardous areas. Scotload also supplied a SmartLoad® basestation viewing application which allows the customer to benefit from a variety of functions. MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd can now rename load cells, check calibration records and use the technology’s data-logging tool for post analysis and traceability purposes.

Factory fitting the system to its LNG vessels enabled MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd to expand their general weighing and ship-to-ship transfer capabilities by enhancing the safety of their on-board marine cranes. Installing this equipment granted a competitive advantage for the company. The company’s customers can now rest assured that their valuable cargo is protected by the technology of an established load monitoring specialist.


Scotload’s solution proved to be a strategic fit for MOL LNG Transport (Europe) Ltd’s value offering, with the shipping company opting to install SmartLoad® as standard on all its LNG vessels. By also purchasing ancillary rigging, the company was able to source all equipment from one supplier as a result of Scotload’s extensive range of load measurement systems.

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