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Golden lotus-New Load Monitoring Division boosts Power Jacks Lifting Services

Golden lotus-New Load Monitoring Division boosts Power Jacks Lifting Services

Golden lotus-New Load Monitoring Division boosts Power Jacks Lifting Services

Power Jacks Ltd. (UK) – Power Jacks has increased its specialist lifting services with the introduction of a new division specialising in Load Monitoring Solutions and offering a new range of products spanning several engineering sectors.

The company has appointed Kirk Anderson as the division’s Managing Director (MD) Millar Kennedy as Sales Director and Richard Legge as Technical Manager, to support this latest addition to its portfolio.

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Power Jacks specialises in producing world-class industrial lifting and positioning equipment including screw jacks, actuators & lead screws. The firm has high expectations for the Load Monitoring division which will be of particular value to operators in the oil & gas, marine, mining and construction sectors.

Anderson, who was formerly MD of Load Systems UK and brings over 15 years’ industry experience, said: “Load monitoring equipment is a natural addition to the product range already on offer from Power Jacks. The technical collaboration will also introduce enhanced features across existing products ranges. These services will be of benefit to lifting, rigging and slinging applications across a broad spectrum of industries.

“The mechanical technology used by Power Jacks provides significant benefits when compared to hydraulic methods through improved reliability, safety and cost effectiveness. Adding load monitoring to the company’s product suite allows us to offer precise load measurement for clients who require greater knowledge and confidence when carrying out complex lifting applications.”

Introducing Load Monitoring Solutions means Power Jacks now offers clients a fully integrated lifting package that includes a range of standard load cell products. The division also enables the company to provide a bespoke, custom load cell design and load monitoring products available for sale or rental, repair and calibration.

Bruce Bultitude, chairman and managing director at Power Jacks, said: “This is an exciting development in our business and one which creates considerable added value for our clients building upon our capability to develop unique products and systems that can be tailored exactly to fit with their needs.

“Kirk, through his specialist load monitoring expertise, combined with his team’s impressive track record, will help us achieve continued growth and to evolve our business. The division will work closely with our existing design teams to enhance our product lines and also to develop new solutions to the lifting market.”

Power Jacks’ market activity spans more than 80 countries and a diverse range of industries from aerospace, defense and industrial automation solutions to civil engineering and energy including renewables and oil & gas.

For more information about the Load Monitoring Products from Power Jacks click here.

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