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Golden lotus-New Supplier Entry – Scotload Ltd. (UK)

Scotload Ltd. (UK)

Scotload is a specialist provider of load measurement and monitoring solutions to support the lifting industry worldwide.

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Scotload has an extensive load measurement cabled and wireless product range for sale and hire which includes the innovative SmartLoad® wireless load monitoring system, load links, load shackles, ATEX products and compression load cells. Scotload also has the capability and expertise to manufacture a wide range of high quality load transducers and bespoke solutions to suit a variety of applications.

The company’s highly skilled team provides technical and design support, manufacturing, hire, repairs, testing and calibration on its own equipment as well as third party products. Where customers have specific requirements, Scotload is able to design and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions that deliver improved safety and reduce operational costs during lifting operations. The capacity of Scotload’s load cells are only limited by a customers’ requirements and have in the past manufactured to specific requests for an 800T load link and 1550T load shackle.

Safety and reliability are number one priorities and the company operates an ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality system. Products are subjected to rigorous testing and inspection and ATEX products are fully certified by SGS Baseman (ATEX & IECEx).

As well as the new wireless Smartload® certified products, Scotload also offers a range of standard and bespoke hazardous area products and solutions for wireless and cabled applications including load pins, running line monitors, static line monitors, compression load cells with associated indicators for use in Zones I and II.

Scotload is a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), effective March 2014.

What makes Scotload:

  • Pioneering innovative solutions that deliver added value for customers
  • Ability to create bespoke products for specific customer applications
  • Rapid dispatch on stock items worldwide
  • World-class customer service

Main Products/Services:

SmartLoad® Wireless Load Monitoring System, Load Links, Load Shackles, ATEX Products, Compression Load Cells, Pancake Load Cells, Run Line Monitors, Static Line Monitors and Visilinks.


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