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Massload Technologies’ Large Custom Engineered Tension Links

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Massload Technologies Inc. (Canada) – Press Release: Massload Technologies continues to provide superior solutions to the mining industry with custom made tension links manufactured to

Utilcell Digital Load Cells MOD. 730D and 740D accrued their Speed

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Utilcell (Spain) – The digital load cell Models 730D and 740D have been improved at both, hardware and firmware level for: Increasing the measuring speed

New Metrological OIML Certificate for Utilcell MOD. 730 Load Cells

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Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL has obtained the metrological certification OIML R60 class C of 3000 divisions for the Load Cell Mod. 730 (30…40t). This rocker

DLM spread out their offer in national capital

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Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd. (Singapore) – DLM’s distributor in Singapore, Talurit Pte Ltd, now has the capacity to calibrate load cells from 0-50t in tension

HBM’s New PACEline CSW Miniature Force Washer Allows Reliable Shear-Force Monitoring

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HBM – Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (Germany) – HBM, the test and measurement expert, has introduced its new PACEline CSW miniature force washers for reliable

Rope and Sling Provides Below-the-Hook Equipment for Nuclear Site

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Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (UK) – Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) provided below-the-hook equipment for ITP (inspection and test procedure) work during decommissioning

Golden lotus-Gator Test Rig Utilizes Straightpoint Load Cells

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Straightpoint (USA) – Straightpoint force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment is integral to fabrication and periodic testing of equipment at two

Golden lotus-Straightpoint Load Cells for Dr. Phil TV Show

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Straightpoint (USA) – Behind the scenes at one of the most popular talk shows in North America, five Straightpoint load cells monitor the weight distribution

Golden lotus-B&R introduces X20 modules for Strain Gauges

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B&R Industrial Automation (Austria) – Precise strain measurement. Two new X20 modules are now available for digitizing strain gauge signals. B&R has added 2 new

Golden lotus-UTILCELL will be attending ACHEMA 2015

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Utilcell (Spain) – Once again this year, UTILCELL will be attending the ACHEMA International Exhibition for Chemical Engineering and the Process Industry. During the exhibition,

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