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Golden lotus-Interface Announces 9330 High-Speed Portable Display & Data Logger

Interface, Inc. (USA) – Interface Inc., the recognized leader in force measurement technology, is pleased to announce our 9330 High-Speed Portable Display and Data Logger. This digital indicator can be used as a battery operated, hand-held data recorder, or placed in the laboratory for stationary use with AC power. The 9330 is capable of taking measurements up to 3750Hz with 24-bit resolution and recording to a removable SD card at 1000Hz. Portability is certain with its 20 hour battery life and 300 hour standby mode.

“This is a good tool for the engineer as well as the scientist for recording force measurements from a load cell, torque transducer, or other sensor. The 9330, which is completely portable, provides full capability to log and save the test data on its SD card, making it possible to record data and analyze it later on your personal computer. It’s really easy-to-use with the USB interface and software that comes with it. It’s a great addition to any lab or work area doing test and measurement analysis”, says Interface Applications Engineer, Jack Ballistrea.

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“Customers need more intuitive indicators, with faster data collection and in-situ storage for their testing needs”, stated Keith Skidmore, Product Manager for Torque and Instrumentation. “We wanted to provide a portable solution to complement the applications customers are working on with our load cells and torque transducers. The 9330 works with any load cell, and reaction type or slip-ring style rotary torque transducer, providing support for quarter bridges, half bridges and full bridges. The 9330 amplifier has integrated bridge competition for all 120 ohm, 350 ohm and 1000 ohm strain gauges.”

In automotive applications (General Motors, NYSE:GM; Toyota, NYSE: TM, and many others) it’s important that individual tests can be readily performed – where it’s required that the data to be monitored and collected right in the test cell. The 9330’s portability allows for both physical flexibility as well as data-recording flexibility. It works well for the experienced engineer, the university student, or the novice tester who needs to both continuously change the test cell and reliably collect test data for analysis.

For more information about the New 9330 High-Speed Portable Display & Data Logger from Interface, Inc. click here.

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