Interface, Inc. announces High-Accuracy Bidirectional Digital Weight Indicator

Interface, Inc. announces High-Accuracy Bidirectional Digital Weight Indicator


Interface, Inc. (USA) – Interface Inc., the recognized leader in force measurement technology, is pleased to announce the Model 480 Bidirectional, Digital Weight Indicator into their instrument products offering. The model 480 bidirectional indicator, with its large 0.8” LED 6-digit display, over 500,000 internal counts, NEMA-4X stainless steel enclosure, and 40Hz measurement rate can power up to 10 individual load cells in operation. Connect the Model 480 to a printer, laptop, industrial PC, or remote display and make use of configurable print formats, time and date function, and local/remote capability.

Interface’s Model 480 industrial-strength indicator is built for dirty, wet environments and demanding workplaces. The advanced circuitry inside can withstand electrical noise, power disturbances, and transient electrical spikes that are common to industrial applications. Its six-button NEMA-4, tactile keypad allows for quick navigation and programming. All these features make the Model 480 bidirectional indicator the first choice for demanding industrial applications for force measurement using Interface LowProfile™ and S-Type load cells.

“Customers are using more load cells in each application”, stated Ted Haller, president and CEO. “We wanted to provide an industrial indicator that could easily handle the multiple load cells in a customer’s application, but also provide a higher level of accuracy in the measurement capabilities and data output. Now the customers have an easy-to-use way of providing performance and reliability test data to a printer or PC for a number of Interface load cells.”

Interface’s aerospace customers (Boeing, NYSE:BA; Airbus, EN:EADS; NASA)) and automotive customers (General Motors, NYSE:GM; Toyota, NYSE: TM, Honda NYSE:HMC) , will find the Model 480 can be retrofitted into their existing applications as well as providing larger opportunities for data analysis and collection from an industrially-fitted indicator with high accuracy digital resolution.

About Interface Inc.:

Founded in 1968, Interface Inc. is the worldwide leader in providing precision load cells, torque transducers, calibration load cells, and multi-axis sensor to major automotive, aerospace, medical, energy, and materials testing facilities. The Interface Gold Standard® calibration load cell is the standard used in all of the major testing & metrology labs around the world.

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