Interface Announces the New Model 6AXX Family of 6-Axis Load Cells

Interface Announces the New Model 6AXX Family of 6-Axis Load Cells

Interface, Inc. (USA) – Interface, Inc., is pleased to announce their new Model 6AXX Family of 6-Axis Load Cells. With six full bridges providing mV/V output on six independent channels, the 6-Axis Load Cells measure forces simultaneously in three mutually perpendicular axes, and three simultaneous torques about those same axes. They are ideally suited to aerospace, automotive, robotic, medical, process, and other critical industrial areas; serving wind tunnel, dynamic balancing, robotic gripper systems, crash testing, orthopedic, biomechanical, and other demanding 6-Axis applications.

Interface 6-Axis Load Cells are some of the world’s most compact force/torque sensors with diameters as small as 27 mm and heights beginning at 25 mm. This large product family is available in a range of capacities, from 50 N / 1 Nm to 100K N / 5K Nm of force/torque measurement. As with all Interface Load Cells, the entire Model 6AXX Family is temperature compensated to reduce error.

“The 6-Axis Load Cell is useful for customers who need to measure multiple forces and torques simultaneously. It can be used in place of multiple single axis load cells and torque transducers, providing a more compact, less complicated installation. It is a versatile solution, even for applications not needing to measure from all six axes, allowing for measurement of exactly the axes of interest” says Interface Product Manager, Keith Skidmore.

The New Interface Model BSC8 Multi-Channel Amplifier is a complimentary instrument to the 6-Axis Load Cell. It has eight channels with 16-bit resolution and a USB connection to PC. It also includes graphing and logging software to simplify data analysis and a 36-term coefficient matrix for calculating load and torque values in each axis.

For more information about the New Model 6AXX Family of 6-Axis Load Cells from Interface, Inc. click here.

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