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Golden lotus-Hardy Process Solutions Offers New Shear Beam Family

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) – Hardy now offers four different configurations of shear beam load points for compression applications between 1125 lb and 22,500 lb (.5 mt and 10 mt). Customers can choose between two different levels of moisture ingress protection on load sensors, and between two mounting hardware options. These mounting options offer different levels of liftoff and side force protection, thermal expansion, and vibration accommodation, depending on the application requirements.

For demanding mounting situations with side forces (~50% Emax) and anti-uplift requirements The Hardy HI HLPS ADVANTAGE® Series sliding load point system consists of a stainless steel, mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched HI SBH04 load sensor with true hermetic sealing and C2® electronic calibration capabilities. The IP68/IP69k load sensor combined with the bumper, slider, fixed mounting configuration. This combination offers the best in moisture and corrosion protection, best-in-class protection from liftoff (6.6 -15.2Klbs) and side forces, and best-in-class accuracy in high thermal expansion and vibration installations. The bumper slider fixed mount is perfect for agitated vessels, vibratory feeders, and wind-loaded tanks.

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The HI LPS05: The Hardy Process Solutions Advantage® Lite HI LPS05 mid-range shear beam load point offers the same bumper, slider, fixed mounting configuration as the HI HLPS load point with an IP67 HI SB05 load sensor. The HI SB05 is a stainless steel, mV/V and mV/V/ohm matched load sensor with C2® Electronic Calibration capabilities, and has the ability to deliver customer savings for applications that do not require hermetic sealing.

For mounting applications with low side forces (<10%Emax) and no anti-uplift requirements: The HI HLPRE04 pairs the ADVANTAGE® Series HI SBH04 hermetically sealed IP68/IP69k load sensor with the cost-effective HIMSBRE mount. Perfect for mezzanine level tank, hopper, or platform installations with wash-down requirements, the HI MSBRE mount offers consistent load introduction in a lower profile installation. The blind hole load pin with rubber element design provides stray voltage isolation, minor misalignment correction, and absorbs minor thermal expansion and shock. The HI LPRE05 pairs the ADVANTAGE® Lite Series HI SB05 environmentally sealed load sensor with the HIMSBRE mount, offering the lowest cost shear beam installation. The IP67 HI SB05 load cell delivers exactly what is required for minimally-wet mezzanine level tank, hopper, or platform applications. For more information about the New Shear Beam Load Cells from Hardy Process Solutions click here.
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