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Golden lotus-Adam Equipment Announces Availability of Nimbus Precision and Analytical Balances in Europe

Adam Equipment (UK) – New range of balances offers excellent value for scientists.

Adam Equipment’s new Nimbus series of balances is now shipping in Europe. Nimbus analytical and precision balances feature a durable design and easy operation. With readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.1g, capacities from 80g to 22kg, plus USB and RS-232 connections, the Nimbus provides a streamlined weighing experience for discerning professionals worldwide.

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Innovative design enables a compact footprint, so the Nimbus occupies minimal space on the laboratory bench. Solid metal construction throughout the balance provides protection against chemicals and rigorous daily use. The Nimbus base is formed from a single piece of extruded aluminum, offering stability and highly repeatable results. An optimized weighing sensor contains fewer parts than a traditional force motor balance, improving the balance’s lifespan. Efficient mechanics plus improved electronics provide more consistent results.

With numerous weighing units including a customisable unit, the Nimbus capably handles parts counting, percentage weighing, density measurement for liquids or solids, and dynamic/animal weighing. The Nimbus range is available in models that offer either external calibration or internal motorised calibration.

Intuitively designed navigation buttons are large and colour-coded, helping users operate the balance with minimal training. Convenient text prompts are visible on the display, reminding users of the current function/weighing mode. Other useful features include below-balance weighing, levelling indicator, adjustable feet and a removable stainless steel pan.

Data collection and transmission are optimized with the Nimbus’s USB and RS-232 interfaces, while a third interface enables optional remote display. GLP printouts are available with time, date and other essential information.

Nimbus analytical balances with 0.1mg readability have a glass-enclosed weighing chamber, which disassembles quickly for cleaning. Nimbus precision balances with 0.001g readability have a round glass shield to help minimize effects of air movement.

For more information about the Nimbus Precision and Analytical Balances from Adam Equipment click here.

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