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Golden lotus-New Supplier Entry – Cestel d.o.o. (Slovenia)

Cestel d.o.o. (Slovenia)

World Leading Producer of Bridge Weigh In Motion Systems

CESTEL ltd was established in 1992 as a result of restructuring of a privately owned company Elektronika Brozovič. We have been an important part of the road engineering business ever since 1978, the year when former Yugoslavia witnessed the introduction of automatic traffic counters.

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We have acquired building in, instalment, subsequent servicing and maintenance of SBH-2000 traffic counters as well as developed software for data transfer and processing.

Ever since 1985 we have maintained and calibrated axle load digital scales and in cooperation with Mr Matija Kodrič from Institute for Metal Constructions and Prof. Nikolaj Zimic from Faculty of Computer and Information Science developed new electronics for Swedish-made TELUB STATHMOS portable scales. We have completely refurbished more than 50 scales.

Since 1997 we have carried out axle loads, gross vehicle weight and freight vehicles measurements and since 2005 oversight of special transport in the Republic of Slovenia. We are a sole distributor for Haeni Instruments Inc, a Swiss weighing equipment producer.

Since 1999 in partnership with Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute we have developed a system of dynamic weigh-in-motion – SiWIM. Its production started in 2001, and ever since our products have been present in Europe, North and South America and Asia. We are a leading world producer of bridge weigh-in-motion systems.


We are a company built on strong foundations, and our goal is clear – using our own knowledge and technology to increase safety on Slovenian roads and decrease road maintenance and repair expenses. We will retain our leading bridge weigh-in-motion producer position in the world, and continue to invest in research and development to become a market leader in WIM systems production.

SiWIM is a fully portable, very accurate and reliable Bridge Weigh-in-Motion System. It is installed on the superstructure of an existing bridge. SiWIM installation does not damage the pavement.

System features:

  • Mobility
  • No road blocks
  • Swift installation
  • Web access
  • High accuracy level
  • Stealth setup
  • Modularity
  • Damage-free installation

Main Products/Services:

Weigh-in-Motion Systems, SiWIM data collection, SiWIM Preselection, SiWIM Bridge assessement, Vehicle dimension, Automatic License Plate Recognition, etc.

Contact details:

Address: Cestel d.o.o., Spruha 32., 1236 Trzin, Slovenia.

Phone: 0038615681719

FAX: 0038615686099

Website: http://www.cestel.eu

Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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