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Golden lotus-New Supplier Entry – Weigh Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. (India)

Weigh Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. (India)

We would like to introduce ourselves as a company founded by an A-TEAM of like-minded professional technocrats with the primary objective of designing, developing and manufacturing 100% indigenous state-of- the-art WEIGH CONTROL SYSTEMS to regulate & monitor every aspect of Flow Control – be it Liquids, Powder or Granules.

Our pioneering efforts have perfected various Need Based Automatic Flow Control Systems that ensure Accuracy, Speed, and Ease of Operation for enhanced efficiency in production and tamper proof commercial applications. Furthermore, our constant R&D, dedicated teamwork and commitment to excel, have helped in evolving Flow Control Solutions, which are not only Hallmarks of Quality but also considered Benchmarks in the industry.

Bạn mong muốn tìm kiếm cân công nghiệp chính hãng chất lượng cao hay cân điện tử giá rẻ, hãy cho Hoa sen vàng biết và nhận sự tư vấn nhiệt tình-chu đáo, sản phẩm đều có giá trị và đặc tính riêng của chúng … hãy Gọi ngay : 028 3511 7799 (kinh doanh) hoặc truy cập website: https://hoasenvang.com.vn/shops/ (sản phẩm)

The team at Weighmatics includes over 25 qualified engineers dedicated to extending their exemplary servicing skills to Customers – On Time, Every Time. As every component of our standardized systems are made in-house we are priced most competitively and our Annual Maintenance Contract, [Recommended on expiry of Guarantee] very economical.

Weigh Control Systems Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a range of equipments such as:

  • Filling Systems for Oil/Liquefied gas/Resin/Paint/Adhesive/Ghee/Vanaspathi, Etc.
  • Dispensing System for Oil (Edible /Lube Oil)
  • Bulk Density Meters (as per ISO specs)
  • Electronic Weigh Systems viz., weigh Bridge, Tele Crane Scale, Etc.
  • Barrel Filling Machine
  • Bag Filling Machine
  • Tyre Inflator (Electronic)
  • Automatic online Check Weigher
  • Belt Scale Weigher
  • Oil/Paint Filling Machine
  • All Types of Load Cells /Platforms
  • Oil/Juice/Mineral water Vending Machines
  • Tank/Hopper/Bin/Silo Weighing System
  • Liquid CO2 /N2O Filling Machine and any custom built system requirement

The Company has full-fledged Research & Development team who are engaged in developing new products required by our esteemed customers from time to time and ensuring continuous improvement in existing products also. Our Systems are made with indigenous and reliable raw material, which ensures trouble free operation.

Weighmatics, needless to add has a fully equipped service network all over India/Overseas, to attend sites, in an unlikely event of any technical snag.

Main Products/Services:

Carbon Batching, Polymer Batching, Oil Batching, Liquid Filling Machines, Diesel Dispensing Machines, Powder Bagging, Oil Vending Machines, Checkweighers, Weighbridges, Bulk Density Meters, Material Handling Equipment, Tire Inflators, Pneumatic Conveying, Lube Oil Dispensing, Load Cell Signal Conditioners, Tin Filling, Can Filling, Gravimetric Online Filling Machines, Material Batching Systems, Etc.

Contact details:

Address: Weigh Control Systems Pvt. Ltd., (Formerly Flowmatic Control Systems Pvt. Ltd.), Plot # 447,12th Cross, 4th Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bangalore – 560058, India.

Phone: +918028360393

FAX: +918041172207

Website: http://www.weighmatics.in

Email address: marketing@weighmatics.in

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