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Data Control (Romania)

Data Control Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of weighbridges, industrial weighing equipment and process weighing systems. Products and systems are supplied to a broad spectrum of industries from mining and quarrying through to waste recycling, major utilities, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

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The company is divided into four integrated divisions: weighbridges, process weighing, materials handling and liquid filling. The extensive product portfolio includes: weighbridges, silo-weighing systems, axle-weighers, big bag fillers, pallet truck weighers, forklift truck weighers, crane scales, hazardous area weighing systems, load cell kits, floor scales, counting scales, wireless weighing systems, weight indicators and printers.

Data Control manufacture weighbridges, offering both surface and pit-mounted weighbridges up to 100 tonne capacity, together with instrumentation and peripherals. Bridge construction includes steel, steel-concrete composite and pre-stressed concrete. Options include driver operated terminals, vehicle recognition systems, automatic number plate recognition systems, electronic signature pads, radiation detection systems and remote diagnostic support. A suite of user-friendly software packages including Truck Master® and Railcar Master®, provides extensive vehicle and product management capabilities, together with seamless connectivity to systems such as SAP.

These can readily be configured for a wide range of industries and are particularly well suited to applications in waste and recycling.

Data Control is certified for the ‘self verification’ of legal for trade weighing equipment and operates a nationwide service and support network from primary service centres throughout Romania and Moldavia.

Data Control offer a comprehensive range of industrial weighing components, products and systems. These include weighbridges, axle scales, weigh in motion scales, portable scales, process weighing systems, industrial weighing scales, load cells, weight instrumentation, lab monitoring equipment and liquid filling systems. Whatever your weighing or filling requirements, we can provide exactly the right solution – without compromise. Our watchwords are RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE, LONGEVITY and SUPPORT.

Main Products/Services:

Weighbridges, Axle Scales, Weigh In Motion Scales, Portable Scales, Process Weighing Systems, Industrial Weighing Scales, Load Cells, Weight Instrumentation, Lab Monitoring Equipment And Liquid Filling Systems, etc.

Contact details:

Address: Data Control, 1st May 1st Street, Otopeni Ilfov 075100, Romania.

Phone: +40(0)212600758

FAX: +40(0)212600758

Website: http://www.data-control.ro

Email address: supplieremail@supplieremail.com

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