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Golden lotus-Hardy Introduces New Swivel Mount Digital Weight Indicator

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) – Hardy Process Solutions announces a new EtherNet/IP Digital Weight Indicator in a Swivel Mount Enclosure designed for harsh and heavy wash down environments. The robust design is made to withstand the most demanding industrial installations.

Made in the USA using 16 gauge 304 Stainless Steel, the enclosure is rated for IP66/NEMA 4X environmental conditions and is delivered containing either the Hardy HI 6500 or HI 6300 series weight processor.

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The large, high-contrast LCD display that makes the Hardy weight processor easy to view and simple to use is protected from impact by a thick polycarbonate window behind a water-tight membrane in the stainless steel enclosure. The sealed tactile button cluster in the display eliminates accidental triggering caused by wipe-down sanitizing and harsh water-jet cleaning.

“The Hardy Swivel Mount Weight Processers are ideal for use with bench scales or floor scales on a pedestal, for integration into a Rockwell PLC or PAC-based packaging machine, and for wall mount configurations in a wash down area,” said Timothy Norman, Hardy Product Manager, Instrumentation.

“The rugged, robust design means years of service in the toughest conditions for the least total cost.”

Easy Setup and Calibration:

The HI 6500 series comes with Hardy’s new Setup WIZARD that guides users step-by-step through instrument set up and calibration. Use Hardy’s C2 sensors for automatic system calibration and scale verification to save hours in commissioning and routine maintenance. The high-definition LCD display with a 140 degree viewing angle makes instrument use easier than ever with Help Text available at the press of a button. Use the Hardy embedded Webserver to remotely monitor, diagnose, or control your instrument from anywhere on your network. Each instrument consumes just 5 watts nominal and 8 watts max, saving energy costs while driving up to 8 load points.

Simple Installation:

Featuring an extra-large base, the Hardy Swivel Mount Enclosure can be permanently mounted on both vertical and horizontal surfaces or simply left free-standing on a table top. The swivel mount base installs with just 4 mounting holes that match Hardy’s bench and floor scale pedestals, leaving plenty of solid surface area to drill a custom hole-pattern that suits any specific installation requirements.

For more information about the New Swivel Mount Digital Weight Indicator from Hardy Process Solutions click here.

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