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Golden lotus-Thayer Scale’s New Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator with Patented “Virtual Weigh Span” Technology

Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries, Inc. (USA) – Thayer Scale’s new Model I-340 Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator is a full featured instrument specifically designed to match with Thayer’s single idler “Quarry King” Belt Scale.

It performs the same functions as an instrument costing many times more without sacrificing accuracy that is associated with THAYER weighing products. Simplicity of use has always been a very important factor in designing an instrument and the Model I-340 has inherited all the time and labor saving methods THAYER has developed over the years.

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The Model I-340 enables easy set-up, calibration and maintenance. Its intuitive menu interface is very easy to use. Step-by-step on-screen instructions guide the user through set up, calibration and customization of inputs and outputs. Multiple checks and balances built into the software virtually eliminates human error.

As an added bonus, the Model I-340 Integrator contains special patented software package called “Virtual Weigh Span” Technology that has been specifically designed to be used with lower cost and lower accuracy single idler belt scales.

Imperfections in conveyor belting and its supporting elements can adversely affect weighing accuracy of belt scales. Virtual Weigh Span can be programmed to adjust for variations in the belt conveyor weighing system.

Advantages include, higher degrees of accuracy and calibration to account for changes in the belt or belting system over time using non-mechanical adjustments. In addition, weight measurement error producing effects, some that may not be particularly known, may be reduced.

By selecting the Virtual Weigh Span feature it creates many of the performance benefits of having a multi-idler belt scale. With more idlers and corresponding longer weigh span, a belt scale becomes less sensitive to extraneous loading variations due to such things as splice-impact shocks, gust of wind, non-uniformity of belting weight, varying belt loading effects that are due to impressed belting curvatures (lack of flatness) that tend to decay or change inconsistently under operation, idler “wobble” effects due to T.I.R. (total indicator runout), and numerous other extraneous disturbances that can cause instantaneous measurement errors. Since a longer weigh span provides a greater degree of load averaging the scale’s response to loading changes is more gradual and its output signals used for downstream control actions (i.e. additive feeder control) exhibit slower rates of change that are more compatible with the response limits of the controlled downstream equipment.

For more information about the New Model I-340 Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator from Thayer Scale-Hyer Industries click here.

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