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Golden lotus-Hardy Provides Free, Easy-to-Use HMI Faceplates for Rockwell PLC Plug-In Weigh Scale Models

Hardy Process Solutions (USA) – New Pre-Programmed Faceplates/AOIs Reduce GUI Development Time Up to 90%.

Hardy Process Solutions announces free Faceplates/AOIs (Add-on-Instructions) for Rockwell Automation® FactoryTalk® View for its HI 1756-WS/2WS and HI 1769-WS/2WS plug-in weigh scale modules. Hardy’s pre-programmed and pre-tested Faceplates/AOIs utilize software instruction tags for the controller and graphics for the HMI to reduce GUI development time by 50 – 90%. Now manufacturers and system integrators can configure, commission, operate and display weigh scale module information without the need to write a single line of code.

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Reduce integration time and improve time to market:

Adding ControlLogix and CompactLogix plug-in weigh modules to a Rockwell PLC/PLC is easy with the release of Add-On-Profiles for RSLogix & Studio 5000. The new Faceplates/AOIs for FactoryTalk View simplify integration one step further, and are downloadable for free on the Hardy Process Solutions website (www.hardysolutions.com).

Tim Norman, Product Manager for Modules and Instruments at Hardy Process Solutions said, “Faceplates for Hardy’s HI 1756 and HI 1769 plug-in weight modules not only streamline GUI development for our plug-in weigh scale modules, they serve as a template to create consistency on how weigh modules are configured through an HMI and how weight data is displayed.”

Hardy Faceplates include help text to guide first-time users through weigh scale configuration, calibration, and filter settings to get weigh scale module integrated, configured and producing stable weight data quickly.

Available in both Site Edition and Machine Edition versions, adding a Faceplate requires just 3 simple steps:

  1. Import the weigh scale module Faceplate/AOI
  2. Associate the Faceplate/AOI with the appropriate weight scale module
  3. Add the Faceplate to the display and begin using

Created using Global Objects for FactoryTalk View, Hardy Faceplates can be easily modified to accommodate any number of specific user requirements such as changes to fonts, colors, sizes, buttons, etc. Programmers can cut and paste specific elements of Hardy’s Faceplates, such as the displayed Gross Weight data, to be used in other visualization projects showing, for example, an entire factory-scale system.


For more information about the Weighting Instrumentation from Hardy Process Solutions click here.

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