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Testing – Isle of Man Creameries Upgrade their Weigh Labelling Line with ESPERA NOVA

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Testing – Isle of Man Creameries Upgrade their Weigh Labelling Line with ESPERA NOVA

Inspiron Systems Ltd. (United Kingdom) – Inspiron Systems Ltd has recently installed a new Espera NOVA Automatic Weigh Price Labeller / Checkweigher at the Isle of Man Creameries, replacing their existing Delford machine.

The Isle of Man Creamery are experienced cheese makers and use locally sourced milk to make their Award-Winning range of cheese, which are exported all over the world. The quality of their products is extremely important to them and wanted to ensure any investment in new Weigh further enhanced their reputation.

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The customer opted for Inspiron Systems Ltd to be their preferred supplier for this project and was based on our expertise in Weighing and Labelling systems, our reputation for providing first-class service and our range of machinery, particularly the ESPERA range of Automatic Weigh Labelling systems.

Following consultation Isle of Man Creameries opted for the ESPERA NOVA ES-R with the emphasis on high performance, excellent print quality, high level of label accuracy, ease of use and on-board Predictive Maintenance software which helps reduce un-necessary downtime which could have been avoided.

The Espera NOVA ES-R Automatic Weigh Price Labeller with Checkweigher functionality is now installed and running at the creamery and being used to Weigh and Label Top and Bottom Flow Wrapped cheese, ranging from 100g up to 1.7Kg, reaching speeds of more than 90 packages per minute.

Equipped with Automatic Printer Positioning from both the Top and Bottom, Automatic Product guides (which are automatically set when you start a Product), Fast Label Change, switching to new products is done in a matter of seconds and has dramatically increased productivity and ensures the very first pack gets both the top and bottom label in the correct place, first time which was not possible on their previous machine.

Other features installed on the ESPERA NOVA ES-R include Online Barcode verification, Automatic Reject Device (to sort out non-conforming packs) and EspromNG a Central Software solution for Database Management and Production Reporting which captures Average Weight reports and Production Statistics.

The Isle of Man Creameries are extremely pleased with their new investment and are already seeing lots of benefits in switching to Inspiron Systems Ltd. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the creamery and being part of this exciting project and we look forward to working with them for many years in the future!

If you are looking to update your Production lines with technical advanced Weighing, Labelling or Inspection machinery or simply need a Software Solution which your current system does not cater for, please get in touch and find out how we can help you increase your productivity, enhance your reputation, and reduce your on-going running costs.

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