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Testing – Efficiency in Focus with New Tamtron Scales – Case: Läänin Kuljetus

Testing – Efficiency in Focus with New Tamtron Scales – Case: Läänin Kuljetus

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Efficiency in Focus with New Tamtron Scales – Case: Läänin Kuljetus

Tamtron Group (Finland) – Läänin Kuljetus is known as a major supplier of earth and stone materials, which provides CE-marked quality products for all needs. The product range includes crushed rock, crushed stone, gravel, soil and crust. Every year, the Läänin Kuljetus handles about a million tons of rock and earth materials. In addition to the parent company Läänin Kuljetus Oy, the Group includes Marttilan Maanrakennus Oy and Tavarataksi Finland Oy. In the latest Kivirock magazine, Läänin Kuljetus explains why they have decided to install Tamtron scales and cloud solutions in all their wheel loaders.

Co-operation for over 30 years:

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"We have about 40 production areas in the regions of Southwest Finland, Lahti and South-East Finland, from which we are able to deliver large quantities of products to different parts of our operating area with the help of our partnership network. We will deliver the products to you quickly, safely and according to the agreed schedule", says Jyrki Makkonen, Regional Director of Läänin Kuljetus Oy and continues: "From our aggregate sales, anyone can buy materials in large or small quantities – either delivered or picked up. Most of our wheel loaders are so-called. cold machines, i.e. truck drivers, take care of the loading themselves, but in a few places we have people resources in addition to the machines".

Läänin Kuljetus has more than 20 wheel loaders at its production sites, which handle the handling and loading of material. All Läänin Kuljetus wheel loaders have Tamtron scales installed.

"Good cooperation with Tamtron began as early as the beginning of the 1990s, when commercial weighing of aggregates began to become more common. Over the decades, weighing technology has developed enormously and we have been actively involved in it. We did numerous interesting projects with Markku Eskola, Tamtron’s sales manager, and now good work continues with Tommi Alakoski, Service Manager. Together, new opportunities are sought to develop operations, and if there have ever been problems along the way, solutions have always been found", Makkonen praises.

The power of digitalization:

"When creating future business plans, we must be able to utilize digitalisation more and more", says Petri Siivo, CEO of Läänin Kuljetus Group.

During the spring of 2021, the Läänin Kuljetus has bought and got installed 11 new Tamtron One Power wheel loader scales.

"We are further digitalizing our operations and scale update is a significant part of that process", says Regional Director Jyrki Makkonen.

With the Tamtron One Power wheel loader scale, which is approved for commercial use, material can be weighed quickly and efficiently alongside loading and material transfer. High-precision weighing data can be printed, or it can be transferred via USB, cloud service or integration directly to a company’s ERP or other system.

With the help of electronic data transmission, orders can be delivered directly to the balance and acknowledged as completed via the balance, so that invoicing can be handled immediately after weighing. Optimal loads as well as information on quantities transferred, materials and schedules streamline business and bring transparency to processes, providing the lunch for the best possible results. With the help of the information, the construction sites can be optimized as smoothly and efficiently as possible and reporting between partners is facilitated.

With extensive horizontal updates, Läänin Kuljetus seeks speed and accuracy in invoicing, on the sales side, tracking what goods have left and up-to-date inventory management for production. Tamtron’s cloud service is utilized in its entirety. The further developed service will be integrated into the soon-to-be-introduced new ERP system, which will cover the entire chain from financial management to inventory tracking.

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