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Weigh at the Point of Collection with Tamtron One Power Truck On-Board Scale

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Tamtron Group (Finland) – Press Release: New Tamtron One Power Truck On-board scale is a multipurpose weighing solution that can be installed in the bodywork phase on a trucks, trailers and translifters. Once mounted into a vehicle, the One Power Truck On-board scale makes it possible to weigh the load without any interruptions or additional processes.

Precision and connectivity:

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This year Tamtron brings to market new Tamtron One Power Truck On-board weighing solution. One Power Truck On-board can be used for load weighing in a wide variety of applications. The Power Truck On-board Scales can be utilised in waste and recycling vehicles and livestock transport. Also in translifters, which are used in heavy industry and ports, for example, for weighing steel coils. In addition to these, the One Power Truck On-board is suitable for many other applications.

“Our One Power Truck On-board Scales are mounted into a vehicle while it is built. With this scale user can weigh perfect payload every time and allowing planning and optimising the routes and loads as well as reduce any unnecessary driving”, tells Markus Ritala, Tamtron Sales and Marketing Director and continues:

“Weighing data for all One Power Truck On-board scales is available in Tamtron’s cloud services or can be further integrated into the customer’s own systems. Optimised loads and information regarding transferred amounts, materials and schedules make business more efficient and bring transparency to the processes, giving tools for optimal profit-making.”

“The weighing data collected at the point of collection can be used as the basis for invoicing as Tamtron One Power Truck On-board Scales are approved for legal for trade” highlights Ritala.

Customisable to suit users need with close operation with body frame builders:

Tamtron One Power Truck On-board Scales are easy to fit and can be installed to any vehicle regardless of make. The load cells of the scale are mounted between chassis and body, which makes the weighing solution very robust and capable to withstand the demanding conditions the vehicles are operating in. Once fitted the weighing solution demands very little maintenance.

”One Power Truck On-board solution is designed so that the mounting work is easy. Further more, it can be customised easily to fit the customers needs”, Markus Ritala explains.

”We work closely with body and from builders since the installation of load cells must be considered at the design stage. Our experts will support in selecting the right load cells and the right number of load cells.”

With One Power Truck On-board scale you will always know the exact weight of each load.

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