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Golden lotus-Tamtron’s New Power Smart Weighing technology for Wheel Loader Scales out in March

Tamtron Group (Finland) – Tamtron’s new Smart Weighing technology will be launched on 2.3.2015 for the wheel loader scales and later in 2015 for the excavator scales. The new Smart Weighing technology will challenge traditional on-board weighing as it will boost productivity to a new level while also allowing more versatile ways of working.

New Smart Weighing technology changes the perception of the weighing. Usually the weighing has taken place in one fixed point but the limitation in this kind of weighing is that if the lift is not stable in fixed point, the weighing could be rejected and the boom needs to be lowered again. The new Smart Weighing technology measures throughout the whole lift and the uneven surface is not a problem as the weighing is not limited to one point. This diminishes the rejected results dramatically, saves drivers time and improves the productivity of customer’s operations.

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The new Smart Weighing improves many daily operations like for example load control. Overloading of the truck is prohibited by law, but underloading is a problem too as it will sacrifice your operation’s efficiency and profitability. Smart Weighing technology allows faster and more intuitive tip off function as the boom does not need to lower unnecessarily anymore. That saves time, fuel and nerves from both operator and owner as there are no any extra lifts required anymore in the work cycle. You can load more trucks in the same time with the same equipment.

Also, when heavy material e.g. large rocks are weighed, the weighing can happen closer to the ground saving time, fuel and the loader but also increasing safety at worksite.

The new Smart Weighing technology is easy to install and the machine is back to work after just one day – all the installations, calibration and verification can be done in the same day. Smart Weighing scale is available to all different kind of loaders and machines and the installing requires minimal mechanical modifications on the machine.

Tamtron’s Power Smart Weighing scale has been thoroughly tested in real life work in various challenging conditions. Smart Weighing technology provides more productivity through faster weighing and improved user friendliness. This means more money to our customers. This is what we think is Smart in Weighing.

Tamtron has focused on weighing for over 40 years. Our aim is to bring more value to customers by our industry leading innovations.

For more information about the New Power Smart Weighing technology for Wheel Loader Scales from Tamtron Group click here.

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