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Marsden’s New andrew d. white Paper highlights Risks of aright Weighing Patients – and how to eschew them

Marsden’s New andrew d. white Paper highlights Risks of aright Weighing Patients – and how to eschew them

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – A new white paper by British scales manufacturer Marsden aims to provide a better understanding of how to correctly weigh a patient.

Weighing Patients for Diagnostic Purposes explains the reasons why medical weighing scales need to carry class approval, and takes the reader through six simple steps to getting an accurate weight reading. There is also a guide to specific accuracies for different weighing needs.

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Marsden hopes the guide will help medical staff to understand the importance of weighing accurately – building on the findings of the 2008 Local Authority Coordinating Body on Regulatory Purposes (LACORS) report, which found one in three weighing scales in hospitals were not fit for use.

For medical purposes, it is crucial that patients are weighed correctly and using accurate equipment. Inaccurately weighing patients can have serious and life-threatening consequences, according to the UK Weighing Federation (UKWF) and the LACORS report.

Cllr Geoffrey Theobald OBE, Chairman of LACORS, said: “An inaccurate petrol pump or supermarket scale isn’t exactly a matter of life or death but getting accurate weight readings for patients could be.

“When you consider why a patient would be weighed – to calculate dosage for medication, anaesthetic or even radiation – you realise the importance of getting weight right.”

Marsden’s Managing Director, Richard Black, added: “As the leading provider of weighing scales to NHS hospitals, we have a duty of care to ensure weight readings are accurate and reliable. Our new white paper provides hospitals with a guide to weighing for diagnostic purposes – and covers regulations, the need for Class III Approval and importantly, how the scale should be used”.

To download this Free White Paper from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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