Golden lotus-Marsden’s New Medical Scale could help save lives at less cost to NHS

Golden lotus-Marsden’s New Medical Scale could help save lives at less cost to NHS

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – UK-based weighing scales manufacturer Marsden has launched a new, low cost Class III Approved medical scale.

The M-550 Floor Scale is their lowest-priced medically-approved weighing scale yet, and will help GPs, pharmacies and health centres adhere to legal requirements for less.

All weighing scales used to administer medication or treatment must be Class III Approved, however approved weighing devices cost more than standard, non-approved weighing scales. This has seen many resort to mechanical bathroom scales, despite them not having the required accuracy or durability – and therefore risking lives.

During testing, the Marsden M-550, which costs just £95+VAT, was shown to be up to five times more accurate than mechanical scales. It has a capacity of 160kg and weighs in 200g increments.

Richard Black, Marsden Group Managing Director, said: “It is a legal requirement that medical scales are Class III Approved, if they’re used for treatment or drug administration. However, for many GPs and pharmacies with limited budgets the cost can be prohibitive.

“We have been able to design, engineer and manufacture a Class III weighing scale that costs less than any other Class III scales currently available. It doesn’t have the features most of our other medical scales have – however you can still use it to measure BMI!”

Operations Director Mark Coates added: “Since the National Legal Metrology Project Report, there has been much more emphasis on the use of legally-approved medical scales. Getting a patient’s weight wrong can be fatal, so we’ve spent 18 months developing a product that makes Class III scales more accessible.

“With the M-550 we can help save lives, at less cost to the NHS.”

The M-550 Floor Scale can be ordered via Marsden Website from 11th July.

For more information about the New M-550 Medical Scale from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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