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Golden lotus-Tampereen Kovakivi Oy chose versatile Power Smart Weighing Scale from Tamtron Group

Tamtron Group (Finland) – Tampereen Kovakivi Oy is a Finnish family business that is located in Kuru. Company is specialised in quarrying and further processing of granite, and its main products are unhewn, environmental and memorial stones and façades, which are made of the Finnish granite. The three renowned types of Finnish granite are Kuru Grey, Kuru Redbrown and Kuru Black. Part of the granite is exported, biggest export country being Sweden.

According to the CEO Harri Elomaa, the company has weighing needs when it is necessary to know the exact freight weight of the granite pieces, which helps to avoid the over and under loading. Scale is also used when the occasionally crushed by-products of the natural stone are loaded.

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Tampereen Kovakivi Oy chose Tamtron Power wheel loader scale because of its Smart Weighing technology that allows weighing the heavy objects closer to the ground, which reduces the fuel consumption and machine’s wear and tear. Smart Weighing also makes the weighing of the uneven objects easier. Regular granite objects are possible to weight by calculating the object’s volume but weighing is necessary when the object is uneven, tells Elomaa.

Forklift spikes make sometimes the weighing of the granite objects challenging but experienced driver learns fast the right angle of the spikes to get the accurate results, says the quarry’s jack-of-all-trades man Jari Järvinen who is also doing blasting. Time is saved and weighing is easier when there is no need to measure and calculate granite pieces. Due to a new angle measurement, it is possible to set the right weighing point that guarantees the accurate weighing results.

The by-product stones are weighed by the commercially approved bucket. Power scale has the option to change the calibration depending on whether the bucket or forklift spikes are needed, which guarantees the accurate weighing results anytime. Power scale has also a useful storage weighing function for the stock control of the quarried stones.

Both the Elomaa and Järvinen mentioned the scale doing its job well, which is a positive comment when a professional gives it.

For more information about the New Power Smart Weighing technology for Wheel Loader Scales from Tamtron Group click here.

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