Golden lotus-Balanças Marques in China

Golden lotus-Balanças Marques in China

Balanças Marques (China) – Balanças Marques received, last January, the license to operate in the huge market of that Asian country. Under the designation “Ningbo Marques Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.”, already constituted formally and based in the city of Ningbo, Balanças Marques can now produce, commercialize, import and export in China. This opens the door to Balanças Marques of a gigantic market and resizes, absolutely exponentially, the international presence of the company and the Group José Pimenta Marques to which it belongs.

The choice of location in Ningbo relates to the fact that this ancient city is the main reference in China, economically and industrially, resulting as a quality seal, therefore the inclusion in the very name of the company.

Currently already producing in China load cells for their scales, Balanças Marques is in preparation of production and commercial strategies in the medium and long term. In the future, they are expected many good news from China.

Balanças Marques, based in Braga, Portugal, has nearly 50 years of activity in the manufacture of scales, specialized in all types of commercial and industrial weighing equipment, and today it is one of the major companies operating in the Iberian Peninsula in these two sectors, and the largest manufacturer of weighbridges for weighing trucks.

With own companies in Spain, France, Brazil and now China, Balanças Marques is present with its products in many international markets, with exports representing about 80% of its turnover.

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