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Golden lotus-Scaletron Industries’ Ton Cylinder Scale Redesigned for Easier Installation and Improved Corrosion Resistance

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. (USA) – Scaletron Industries, Ltd., a manufacturer of corrosion resistant digital and mechanical scales, has redesigned the Model 3001TM – 3006TM Ton Cylinder Scale for easier installation and improved corrosion resistance. The original model was steel tube construction whereas the new Scaletron scale is fabricated from a higher grade plate steel. A compact new base design eliminates the rear cross bar. The resulting scale is lighter and less cumbersome to set-up and install.

The new scale is ready for use in minutes. Simply position the scale where desired, install four floor mounting bolts and level the base using the built-in leveling foot on the front cross bar. The Model 3001-3006 scale base has a significantly smaller footprint than other ton cylinder scales.

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The Scaletron bases may therefore be positioned very close to each other. As long as enough room is allowed to place the ton cylinders on the bases, the Scaletron scales may be arranged in any configuration. This maximizes efficient use of floor space.

Despite the lighter weight construction and less bulky design, the new Model 3001 – 3006 scale has a safety factor rating equal to the original model and continues the Scaletron tradition of long lasting durability in municipal and industrial scales. The easy maneuverability and portability of the scale facilitate modular use — one cylinder per scale base. Each base may be connected directly to an indicator. Or, up to six scales may be connected for readout to a single indicator. This is often more economical, and in many cases necessary, rather than equipping each base with a dedicated readout.

The Scaletron Model 3001-3006 Ton Cylinder Scale offers other efficiency and performance boosting features. For example, the distance from floor to the top of each roller in the scale base is now only 5.38 inches — previously this distance was 8.5 inches. The new low profile makes it easier to use overhead crane systems for lifting ton cylinders, especially in older facilities and sheds where headroom is at a premium.

The new design also features improved protection of the hermetically sealed load cell and scale electronics. The steel cross bar running along the front of the scale base now includes a cover plate to protect the load cell from dust, dirt and dripping liquids such as condensate. Additionally, the scale base is now primed with zinc oxide. This creates a tenacious substrate on which the final dry powder epoxy coating can adhere yielding dramatically improved corrosion resistance.

The new Scaletron Model 3001 – 3006 Ton Cylinder Scale has a gross capacity of up to 4,000 pounds with weighing accuracy to +/- 0.5% of capacity. Base size is 39.88 x 22.38 inches. Scaletron offers a number of electronic indicators for readout including the Model 1099 Chemical Process Controller.

Indicators are housed in NEMA 4X, UL approved enclosures to provide protection from acids and other potentially damaging contaminants. Scaletron scales are designed specifically for accurate weighing of ammonia, carbon dioxide, hydrogen chloride, liquefied chlorine, sulfur dioxide and other liquid gases.

For more information about the Model 3001 – 3006 Ton Cylinder Scales from Scaletron Industries click here.

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