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Golden lotus-Scaletron Industries Makes Weighing Heavy Dewars Easy

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. (USA) – A major US-based research facility weighs dewars on a regular basis as part of routine daily operations. The dewars contain argon gas used to purge gas cabinets in laboratories located throughout the research facility. The dewars are on wheels so that after each use technicians can roll them from their workstations to a centrally located scale. There the dewars are weighed to determine the amount of argon dispensed during the purging process.

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When full, each dewar weighs between 900 and 1200 pounds. Lifting vessels this heavy onto a scale often requires repeated attempts to assure accurate positioning of the dewars on the scale. Additionally, a safety hazard exists because the bottom edge of the dewars could potentially catch on the lip of the scale, titling the vessel or damaging or moving the scale.

The Solution:

Scaletron engineers seized on the idea of customizing the Scaletron Model 4041SS™ Digital Dewar Scale which is designed with an ultra-low profile. The scale platform is only 0.75″ above the floor. To facilitate the placement of the dewars on the platform, an accessory ramp was designed. Constructed of stainless steel, the ramp is features leveling feet that are adjustable from 1.70″ to 2.40″ high. In addition, the ramp is attached to the scale base and comes with pre-drilled mounting lugs to prevent movement when in use.

The Model 4041SS™ scale has an ample platform area of up to 30×30 inches which is well suited to a range of dewar container sizes. Gross weighing capacity is up to 1500 pounds with an accuracy of + 0.1%. The scale features a variety of display options and is compatible with chemical process controllers such as the Scaletron Model 1099 controller.

To comply with the research facility’s cleanroom specifications, the scale was constructed in stainless steel rather than Scaletron’s standard powder coated steel. The scale base weighing mechanism is purely electronic — there are no mechanical levers or other moving parts. Stainless steel shear beam NTEP-approved load cells provide protection from moisture and caustic materials.


The ramp enabled technicians to simply roll the dewars onto the scale platform to streamline the weighing process by eliminating lifting procedures. Not only did this save time, but it also enhanced safety by reducing the risk of injury to personnel. With no lifting equipment being used, wear and tear on facility resources is also reduced. Scaletron’s ability to quickly customize an existing scale to meet the specific needs of the research facility virtually bypassed the need for new product development saving time and expense. The research facility was able to quickly acquire an economically priced, tailor-made scale that met their needs.

For more information about the Model 4041SS™ Digital Dewar Scale from Scaletron Industries click here.

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