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Golden lotus-New FUSION series of Large Digital Displays from Applied Measurements

Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) – FUSION Large Digital Display Blends High Precision and Stability.

Key Features Include:

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  • Up to 8 Digits for Numeric or 6 Digits Clock Format
  • Easy to Use, No Menu Programming
  • Smart Styling, Slim
  • Easy to Install
  • Remote Setting from Ground Level
  • Modular Options to Suit
  • Indoor and Outdoor Models
  • AlphaNumeric Display Optional
  • Wide Range of Mounting and Gland Positions
  • 10 Point Linearising Function
  • Various Colour and Digit Size Options
  • 3 Year Warranty

Simple to Use, Clear Display:

With its easy to use, no-menu programming the FUSION series of displays brings order to any production workshop. Its main function is to give a clear numeric readout of the variable being monitored and it achieves that brilliantly with its clear and sharp readout. It boasts an impressive 8 digit numerical display and 6 digit clock format both of which can be viewed from up to 200 metres away.

Indoor and Outdoor Options:

Its IP54 sealing as standard and optional IP65 sealing means the FUSION display can be used indoors or outdoors to suit your particular requirement. It also comes with a range of mounting and gland positions so it can be fitted wherever it’s needed. The front panel can be operated remotely by using a separate remote programmer, so there’s no need to move it once it’s in place.

Colour and Digit Size Options:

With FUSION’s wide range of colour options, you can match your company branding, differentiate several groups of displays and suit your specific environmental lighting conditions. Plus the FUSION display has various digit sizes available from 57mm (2.25”) giving you 25 metres viewing up to a massive 16” (400mm) digit size for an impressive 200 metres of viewing distance.


The FUSION displays functions include: total, rate/speed, target (ideal for production lines), frequency, weight, temperature, humidity, real-time, elapsed time, power, RPM, torque and pressure. We can offer you any combination of those and better still we can also combine several FUSION units into 1 display to suit your exact requirements. With a customized display you’ll always know that critical information is available at all times to the people who need it most.

For more information about the New FUSION Displays from Applied Measurements click here.

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