Marsden B-100 Bench Scale now acquirable with lesser electrical capacity

Marsden B-100 Bench Scale now acquirable with lesser electrical capacity

Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – Popular, waterproof bench scale available with greater capacity, following feedback from butchers and fishmongers.

Weighing scales manufacturer Marsden is aiming to make life easier for food retailers with an upgrade to its most popular bench scale.

The Marsden B-100 Bench Scale has an IP68 rating, meaning it is fully waterproof and can withstand punishing environments. The stainless steel housing means it can be easily hosed down and kept hygienic.

Now, following feedback from customers, the B-100 has now been made to withstand capacities of up to 30kg, making it suitable for weighing heavier food produce. It is accurate to 2g.

It is expected that the B-100 will be used for weighing heavier sacks of ingredients. Previously, with the maximum capacity available being 15kg, users were limited by how much could be weighed on the scale, potentially slowing down weighing processes.

Richard Black, Managing Director at Marsden Group, said: “After talking to customers we realised a bench scale with a greater capacity was required for harsh environments – like fishmongers, and butchers shops. The B-100 is great value for money and fully waterproof.”

Marsden’s Operations Director Mark Coates added: “We made a video where the B-100 was dropped in a bucket of water and still worked afterwards. We wouldn’t recommend this is tried at home, but it shows quite how durable the scale is.”

The Brew Shed, a Dunfermline-based brewery, use the B-100 for ingredients weighing. Brewer Steve Hope said: “The B-100 is a sturdy, solid bit of kit designed for everyday use in a working environment. Waterproof scales are essential for any brewer.”

The B-100 is currently on sale at a special price of £115+VAT.

For more information about the B-100 Bench Scale from Marsden Weighing Group click here.

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