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Golden lotus-Doran Scales Introduces In-Motion Checkweigher

Doran Scales (USA) – Doran’s new Selecta in-motion checkweigher provides high speed checkweighing and valuable production floor data at an affordable cost.

According to Mark Podl, CEO of Doran Scales, “The Selecta was designed to achieve four common goals – minimize costly downtime, maximize productivity, achieve fast ROI, and provide plant floor reporting. This new weighing system is the result of our company’s four decades of experience building scales to be used in the harshest environments.”

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This new dynamic weighing system can weigh products at throughput speeds of up to 240 pieces per minute. Built to meet the very stringent European guidelines, the Selecta in-motion checkweigher does not compromise precision to achieve this breakthrough speed.

Production managers or plant engineers will not have to rely on inaccurate manual samples off the plant floor. Using the included Synapse software, management can achieve an immediate understanding of production line efficiency and profitability. All the production data and PLU parameters are stored in a database for archiving and quick, accurate retrieval.

Configuring the weighing parameters, tolerances, and line speed for your manufacturing needs is easy with the large 10.4” color touch screen interface. Colors highlight key quality control indicators which include average amount, underweight amounts, standard deviations, and many more.

From the rugged stainless steel housing of the touch screen display to the sturdy stainless steel open frame, the Selecta in-motion checkweigher has been carefully engineered to meet the needs of busy production facilities.

The food-grade conveyor belts are powered by brushless motors – reducing maintenance costs and production downtime. The FDA CFR 21 compliant conveyor belts are easily removed for cleaning or maintenance.

The open, stainless steel frame has a washdown protection rating of IP-54 to allow thorough cleaning without the fear of damaging sensitive electronics.

The Selecta is available in maximum capacities of 2.6lb (1.2kg) and 6.6lb (3kg) with resolutions of 0.2g and 0.5g respectively.

For more information about the New Selecta In-motion Checkweigher from Doran Scales click here.

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