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The New Doran ionSuite Software

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The New Doran ionSuite Software

Doran Scales Inc. (United States) – Six powerful web-based weighing software applications.

Doran has introduced ionSuite — six web-based software applications designed for Doran checkweighers and indicators. The applications are upgrades to the Doran software line with performance and connectivity improvements that drive precision formulation, real-time data collection, and efficient production.

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ionSuite software enables equipment operators and plant management to pinpoint control of the plant floor — from formulation through packaging and traceability — to lower costs, improve accountability and accurately project financial return on every batch.

ionSuite Performance and productivity advantages:

Process control with pinpoint precision — Monitor and improve operator performance and also control automated processes.

Real-time data for real-time decisions: Manage inventories, control formulations and generate accurate information on every step of the process. With detailed reports for strategic planning and operational assessments.

Actionable Management reports — In-depth reporting systems for process improvements, performance analysis, and strategic planning.

Accessibility: The complete ionSuite is web-based and mobile compatible. Applications are accessible from any browser — so applications are always ready to go and up-to-date.

Full support for seamless software upgrade:Doran offers on-site installation and training. We can upgrade your current software and migrate data — and ensure weighing systems and data-collection processes and are operating at peak efficiency.

ionSuite software:

Doran Formula Loader – For precise formulations, validation to meet government regulations and QC certifications, and ingredient traceability. Improve accountability when creating a product manually or with a batching, dosing, or process control system.

Included with the FC6300 Formula Control Scale and BC6500 Bulk Control Indicator.

Doran Inventory Traxx – As batches are run on the scale, ingredient usage is tracked and inventory totals are updated, and ingredient Lot IDs are tracked in real-time. Avoid costly inventory control errors that affect budgeting, forecasting, resource allocation and strategies.

Doran Synapse – View real-time data from the plant floor to quickly assess production batch, standard deviation, the number of rejected items, time stamped weight readings, frequency distribution and other critical quality control data.

Included with the Selecta In-Motion Checkweigher series of scales.

Doran QC Weigh – Configure static checkweighers to follow QC processes, collect data and provide reporting on product weights and accuracy. Use unique operator IDs, scheduled sample intervals with alarms, and data collection to confirm quality control tasks.

Available for the 2200CW Checkweigher Series of scales.

Doran Production Scheduler – Removes production sheet and prompts operators through their shift. Supervisors can control the scales — changing tolerances, associating user IDs to scale IDs, assigning scales to groups or adding product IDs to scales.

Available for the FC6300 Formula Control Scale and BC6500 Bulk Control Indicator.

Doran Park & Retrieve – Full operational control and tracking across all devices involved in the formation of minor, micro and bulk ingredients. Create a complete product record and maintain full traceability.

Available for the FC6300 Formula Control Scale and BC6500 Bulk Control Indicator.

ionSuite options:

  • ERP, MRP integration. SQL standard.
  • Doran can ensure that data is Fully integrated with ERP, MRP and other enterprise software.
  • All software utilizes SQL Express Database.
  • On-site support, installation and training — provided by Doran specialists.

Upgrade information for current Doran scale owners:

  • For owners of the FC6300 Formula Control Scale and BC6500 Bulk Control Indicator: Upgrade the included Formula Loader software. Plus upgrades available for the optional software applications: Inventory Traxx, Production Scheduler, and Park & Retrieve.
  • For owners of the 2200CW Checkweigher series, upgrade to the latest QCWeigh.
  • For owners of Selecta Checkweigher Series of in-motion scales, upgrade to the latest Synapse software.

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