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Golden lotus-Creative Microsystems announced its new LoadMan® LM400 On-board Computer

Creative Microsystems, Inc. (USA) – Greater Ease-of-Use, Automation and Durability Deliver Increased Productivity.

Creative Microsystems, Inc., a global leader in on-board truck scale solutions, announced its new LoadMan® LM400 on-board computer for fork-based, commercial refuse trucks. The latest in its LoadMan product line, the LM400 brings a modern touch-screen graphical user interface, superior construction and durability of the in-cab computer. The complete system includes the LoadMan LM400 on-board computer with the Route Assistant application for waste and recycling, LoadMan Load Management back-office software and LoadMan on-board scale technology for accurately weighing loads in motion.

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“We continue to listen to our customers and enhance our products based on their needs,” said Larry Santi, president of Creative Microsystems, Inc. “Automation, durability and ease-of-use come up time and again as haulers seek to increase productivity and reduce costs. Significant enhancements with the LoadMan LM400 nearly eliminate the learning curve and automate many processes to free drivers up to focus on driving and their routes. Superior usability, along with the rugged construction translates to less downtime, fewer replacements and repairs and increased profitability.”

Intuitive and Rugged Design:

The new LM400 color touch-screen display puts intuitive buttons all on one screen eliminating the need to scroll through various screens to find the right one. Construction of the on-board computer with the LM400 is more rugged than ever, built to withstand rough daily use and extreme temperatures. The 5.7-inch display is easy to read and designed to be readable in sunlight. In addition, scale calibration, formerly a time-consuming task, is easy and can be completed in minutes with the new touch-screen interface.


The LoadMan LM400 with the Route Assistant application takes automation to the next level. GPS coordinate locations are acquired during setup of the LM400, enabling automatic load detection while in route. Previously a manual process, customer locations are captured automatically using GPS geocoding or with an RFID reader and can be tagged with customer name, service type, commodity code, date and time stamp, bin and net vehicle weight, truck number and driver. In addition, a Proximity Mode feature uses geodata to show the driver customer pick-ups within a 300-foot radius of the truck’s position; it’s then as simple as the driver confirming the account with a single touch to the screen.

Using LoadMan Load Management software, customers can automatically upload load records to filter, sort and analyze data. Multiple reports can be created easily leading to greater insights, productivity and optimal waste diversion.

“We have been piloting the new LoadMan LM400 at UCSC for over 12 months and our drivers are very happy with the automation features as it frees them up to drive. They no longer have to scan bar codes or scroll through lots of menus to enter comments or codes. On the back-end, using the LoadMan software, we’re able to accurately track, filter and analyze data,” said Roger Edberg, senior superintendent of University of California, Santa Cruz, grounds services. “We have ambitious goals for waste reduction over the next several years, and the LoadMan system allows us to accurately measure waste and recycling, make informed decisions, and adapt as we go.”

Accuracy and Availability:

The LM400 communicates seamlessly with LoadMan weigh-in-motion scale technologies for the most accurate load readings in the industry. Each scale system comes complete with two patented load cells that are mounted on the lifting equipment; fork and arm inclinometers read the load at multiple points while in-motion. Unlike other scale products, LoadMan load cells can be easily replaced in the field without replacing the entire fork.

The LoadMan LM400 is now available in North America, Australia and New Zealand through its network of certified dealers. Current LM200 or LM300 refuse customers with front-load equipment can easily upgrade to the LM400 with little down-time.

For more information about the New LoadMan LM400 from Creative Microsystems click here.

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