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Flintec Launch abundant fit, abut altarpiece, On-Board Vehicle Weight Indicator

Flintec (Sweden) – International force and weight measurement specialist Flintec announce the release of the touch screen, FT-30M on-board vehicle weight indicator. Combined with a range of purpose built load sensors and accessories, the FT-30M offers a complete on-board weighing solution.

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The heart of the system is the easy to use and versatile indicator itself. Designed with a straightforward, colour touch-screen display with intuitive finger swipe action, the FT-30M is capable of displaying weights in either kg or lbs and can be used for recording and printing container receipts. Data can be downloaded, viewed or printed via the multiple connections available, including USB and RS232.

One of the unique features of this latest system from Flintec is the fact that it is powered by a Windows-embedded operating system. This clearly distinguishes it from other products on the market and allows for easy system updates and customized software modifications, if required.

FT-30M is easy to operate and is ideal for drivers who want to weigh and display. Standard features include anti-tamper password protection, onscreen diagnostics and internal flash memory for storing weights. Integration with trackers and printers provides complete flexibility and ease of use.

The FT-30M offers users complete flexibility when measuring and recording loaded weights. Readings can be taken from the unit at the point of loading, ensuring accurate customer pricing, whilst avoiding overload penalties. Weights can also be linked to customer accounts and transferred easily to back-office software systems for administrative purposes.

The easy fit nature of the FT-30M indicator allows for it to be fixed directly to the dashboard within a DIN radio slot or mounted via an adjustable bracket. External mounting is also possible using an IP68 waterproof enclosure.

Additionally, Flintec has developed a wide range of on-board weighing load cells, complimenting the easy fit nature of the FT-30M indicator. Various high-capacity, high-accuracy, stainless steel load cells are available for use with the FT-30M across both commercial and agricultural vehicle applications. The indicator is also suitable for existing body mounted load cell installations thanks to its plug and play capabilities.

The FT-30M is VCA approved, CE compliant and has undergone rigorous vibration testing. Field trials have been conducted to ensure accuracy in the harsh environments trucks operate in.

The indicator is fully compliant with the European Unions WLVTA (Whole Life Vehicle Type Approvals) and helps hauliers avoid OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Score) points via roadside weight checks

The combination of the FT-30M indicator, purpose built load cells and plug and play accessories offer vehicle managers and hauliers a new, hassle free way, to maximise profitability and remain road legal.

For more information about the New FT-30M On-Board Vehicle Weight Indicator from Flintec click here.

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