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Golden lotus-LoadMan Shipping On-Board Scales for Travis Tote Dump Trailers

Creative Microsystems, Inc. (USA) – Creative Microsystems, Inc., a global leader of on-board truck scales and developer of LoadMan® weighing systems is now shipping a newly designed on-board scale for the popular Travis Tote Dump Trailer to provide automated weighing of bulk organics. LoadMan will automatically weigh each container while in-motion without the driver having to wait for the load to settle. This greatly increases route productivity and provides highly accurate weights of each customer container.

Thousands of grocery retailers across the United States have committed to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WasteWise Sustainability Program for organic recycling, diversion and zero waste. The EPA requires weight data metrics for all bulk organic waste material in order to track progress to its WasteWise commitment. Haulers can now provide real-time weight data reporting for each customer. The value-add for a hauler who provides weight-data reporting is enormous and places them in a key competitive position when bidding to grocery stores and chains.

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“Without the ability to log and report individual customer weight data using LoadMan, haulers must estimate each customer’s load weight when tipping multiple loads at organic recycling centers,” said Larry Santi, CEO and founder at Creative Microsystems. “On-the-fly estimates are highly inaccurate as organics have so many different weight variables including moisture, age of material and fats. LoadMan removes the guess work.”

With LoadMan On-Board scales, each customer receives an accurate report of all of their bulk organic pickups including weight, time stamp and location. Reports can be generated daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly – all from LoadMan’s Load Management Web Software. The software provides automated customer reporting and helps manage the truck routes. Initial product installation and calibration takes as little as four to eight hours.

Santi adds, “Our new scale design is a great leap forward. Organic weight loads with LoadMan’s new scales are highly accurate – typically achieving accuracy within one to two percent on every lift, regardless of the lift weight.”

The LoadMan On-Board Scales for Travis Tote Dump Trailers are available now through LoadMan’s network of certified VARs.

For more information about the On-Board Truck Scales from Creative Microsystems click here.

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