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Golden lotus-New XPE206DR Analytical Balance from Mettler Toledo

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) – Taking analytical weighing to new heights of accuracy and efficiency, METTLER TOLEDO reduces minimum weight without sacrificing range. METTLER TOLEDO’s new Excellence XPE206DR analytical balance offers users one-of-a-kind balance specifications of 220 g capacity combined with 5 μg readability. Enhanced readability allows convenient dosage of small sample amounts directly into larger tare containers, eliminating work steps while providing more reliable weighing results.

METTLER TOLEDO is proud to announce the launch of its brand-new analytical balance XPE206DR. With the XPE2206 DR, METTLER TOLEDO has once again succeeded in reducing the minimum weight of its industry-leading analytical balance portfolio without sacrificing range. This innovation, which eliminates work steps as well as the kinds of sample transfers that produce transmission errors in multi-step processes, will improve lab efficiency while assuring weighing excellence.

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Particularly in regulated industries such as pharma, every sample must be larger than the defined minimal sample weight to fulfill the USP directive requirements. If this is not the case, results are considered non-compliant (out-of-specification, requiring a repeat of the process. Sample sizes should also be as small as possible, especially when using expensive substances such as lyophilized vaccines or biological molecules.

The XPE206DR analytical balance allows for a USP minimum weight of 10 mg, in contrast to the typical minimum weight of 14 mg USP found in the rest of METTLER TOLEDO’s XPE analytical balance portfolio. As a result, smaller quantities of a substance are needed for testing, helping to reduce the amount spent on raw materials and solutions.

In essence, XPE206DR provides a bridge between METTLER TOLEDO’s 5-digit analytical balances and 6-digit microbalances. It offers all the advantages of a 5-digit analytical balance, which include a large weighing chamber without an inner draft shield, a maximum load of 220 g to accommodate larger volumetric flasks, and easy upgradeability to Quantos liquid or solid modules for process optimization while allowing reduced sample weights.

XPE206DR is also eligible for service-installed MinWeigh, which monitors the minimum sample weight of the balance according to work environment specifications. If a value is below the minimum value, the balance display turns red, quickly showing that the current weight value is beyond minimum sample tolerance.

GWP®–METTLER TOLEDO’s Good Weighing PracticeTM—is also available to ensure that an optimized balance such as the XPE206DR analytical will meet your process requirements. As a global standard, GWP® can be used in any industrial or lab area for new or existing weighing systems to provide documented evidence of reproducible weighing results in accordance with both internal and external quality standards.

For more information about the XPE Analytical Balances from Mettler Toledo click here.

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