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Worth the Weight: Introducing the All-New Ohaus Courier™ Series Scales

Worth the Weight: Introducing the All-New Ohaus Courier™ Series Scales

You are watching the latest news about electronic scales and equipment Worth the Weight: Introducing the All-New Ohaus Courier™ Series Scales at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Ohaus Corporation (United States) – Press Release: Built for speed and maximum efficiency, these scales are designed to take the load off your shoulders – Let it Carry the Weight.

What would you call a tool that can seamlessly integrate into your workflow and start providing you with time and labor-saving data instantly? Well, we call it the Courier Series.

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A series of precise standard scales for dedicated shipping applications, the Courierline is designed to get to work fast, keep working for a long time, and allow your organization to weigh, ship, and tabulate at the speed of modern business.

It Knows What You Need:

Versatile, intuitive, and ready to get to work. Designed specifically for the needs of distribution and office shipping, the Courier Series scales feature smooth integration into the busiest workflows, delivering accurate, efficient data that never slows down. The Courier 3000, Courier 5000 and Courier 7000 are built with painted steel frames and thick weighing platforms that hold up to intense daily use.

It Keeps Coming Back For More:

The Courier Series knows how fast your business works and is designed to be durable and reliable time and time again. Featuring tough painted steel frames and thick weighing platforms, the Courier Series is made for your most intense work days. To help speed set up, the Courier 7000 and Courier 5000 models are powered by our GeoCode application, which offers quick, easy local calibration adjustment.

It Removes the Guesswork:

Clever features like Dynamic Weighing also allow for weighing live animals in veterinary use. Intuitive features like the Weight Alert™ mode instantly informs users when packages may be too heavy in relation to defined values. Display Hold mode keeps the weight of a package on the display until cleared – making weighing larger boxes easy. Experience easy data retention even with large, cumbersome objects that may obscure the display.

No guesswork, no missteps. Just fast, accurate weighing.

It’s Always Ready:

The Courier Series stays powered and ready to go with standard AC Adapter or batteries. The Courier 5000 has built-in USB device connectivity, while the Courier 7000 offers added flexibility through standard RS232 and optional second RS232, Ethernet or Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connection capabilities. For the Courier 7000, both ball top and roller top are available for material handling depending on your specific needs.

From the smart, efficient, and adaptable Courier 7000 and the Courier 5000to the tough and durable Courier 3000 and Courier 1000, you can rest assured we can carry the weight of your business with ease.

Worth the Weight: Introducing the All-New Ohaus Courier™ Series Scales

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