Utilcell Digital Load Cells MOD. 730D and 740D accrued their Speed

Utilcell Digital Load Cells MOD. 730D and 740D increased their Speed

Utilcell (Spain) – The digital load cell Models 730D and 740D have been improved at both, hardware and firmware level for:

  • Increasing the measuring speed of the analogue to digital converter ADC to 200 readings/sec (200Hz).
  • Implementing a new set of selectable digital filter options for optimizing its behaviour at many different applications, both dynamic or static.
  • Increasing the transmission speed of the communication output data up to 115200 Bauds, for having a higher speed reading when many digital load cells are in the same scale.

Using the latest technology on the ADC and microprocessors, together with an advanced digital filter technology, these digital load cells are at the highest level of performances of the rocker pin load cells for weighbridges.

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