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SCAIME DVX and DVS Digital Load Cells with Industrial Ethernet Connectivity

You are viewing the weighing news SCAIME DVX and DVS Digital Load Cells with Industrial Ethernet Connectivity at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

SCAIME S.A.S. (France) – Press Release: DVX and DVS digital load cells have been developed for automated and dynamic weighing applications, such as rotary fillers and checkweighers.

These load cells integrate innovative electronics with a multi-protocol communication interface for connectivity to standard industrial Ethernet networks (PROFINET, EtherNet/IP…). To facilitate their integration into the network and shorten their implementation, the sensors offer a dual Ethernet port with internal switch and a web server for configuration.

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DVX and DVS load cells are made of stainless steel with an IP68 / IP69K protection level well suited for wet environments and high-pressure washing. Designed to be integrated into rotary filling machines, they offer high resistance to accidental overloads and lateral forces to withstand rough handling of the bottles.

The EHEDG-certified hygienic design makes the DVS ideal for applications with stringent sanitary standards, such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

To meet the need for high accuracy at high measurement rates, DVX and DVS load cells incorporate a 24-bit analog-to-digital converter and powerful digital filters to attenuate vibration and mechanical disturbances. The sensors are also equipped with logical inputs/outputs for autonomous process control.

DVX and DVS load cells are available with two software versions dedicated to filling or dynamic checkweighing applications.

  • In the filling version, the load cell directly controls the valves and takes over the entire filling process. The filling algorithm is optimized for high-speed rotary fillers.
  • In the dynamic checkweighing version, the load cell automatically detects the item to be weighed and calculates its weight, on the fly, with a very high accuracy.

These specialized software programs make it possible to increase weighing rates while reducing control tolerances and thus contribute to the manufacture of more homogeneous products.

Robust, accurate and fast, the DVX and DVS digital load cells ensure the performance and efficiency of packaging machines. With their latest generation electronics integrating Industry 4.0 technologies, they offer a sustainable weighing solution consistent with the digital transformation of industrial companies.

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