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Utilcell acquires a share of its distributor BEIJING SENSERQ

Utilcell (Spain) – UTILCELL has acquired a share of its distributor BEIJING SENSERQ (China) and they have signed a Joint Venture to commercialize UTILCELL products around China, with a total investment of € 500.000, creating a new company, UTILCELL SENSERQ AUTOMATION CONTROL (BEIJING) CO, LTD.

As quoted Mr. Josep Sabaté, General Manager of UTILCELL: ‘‘We firmly believe in the needs of the Chinese market to provide a European high quality product and service for the weighing control in their installations.

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We feel fortunate to add value in companies present in strategic markets and thus strengthen each other with a common strategy. With this acquisition and alliance we are going to strength our distribution company in China, adding the value of our product know-how, boosting the strategic business development and facilitating the supply chain. We will expedite the commercial response and the technical and logistical support to our customers.’’

BEIJING SENSERQ is located in Beijing and it has been for more than 15 years the UTILCELL distributor in China.

UTILCELL manufactures Load Cells, Mechanical Accessories and Weighing Electronics. The Head Quarter is located in Barcelona, Spain, has subsidiaries in many countries and an extensive worldwide network. The 35 years of business activity in continuous expansion allows to consolidate UTILCELL as one of the main worldwide load cell manufacturers, supplying over 60 countries and with an exportation volume which represents the 70% of the overall turnover.

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