New GAEP Series Stainless Steel Technical Precision Scales from Dini Argeo

New GAEP Series Stainless Steel Technical Precision Scales from Dini Argeo

Dini Argeo S.r.l. (Italy) – Dini Argeo has launched the new GAEP Series Stainless Steel Technical Precision Scales. Suitable for laboratory and industrial use. The completely stainless steel structure makes this scale suitable for the environments with strict hygiene requirements.

These scales are available also CE-M APPROVED for legal for trade use.

Technical Features:

  • High contrast backlit display
  • Splashproof membrane keypad
  • Splashproof constuction, upper structure completely in stainless steel
  • Overall IP65 protection
  • Weight detection through tuning fork system
  • Level and adjustable foot assembly
  • Power supply: standard fitted with 230 Vac power adapter or optional kit for power supply through 4 AA batteries
  • RS232/c port for connection to PC, 3590E series indicator or printer
  • Upon request: ACCREDIA calibration with issuing of relative certificate; CE-M approval (Initial Verification Included, validity 3 years)

Standard Functions:

  • Counting
  • % Weight
  • Conversion units of measure: g, kg, ct, oz, lb, ozt, dwt
  • Zeroing
  • Zero tracking
  • Semi-automatic tare
  • Digital calibration

Advanced Functions: together with 3590EGT via serial port connection:

  • Statistical sampling of prepackaged goods
  • Microdosing
  • Multiscale counting
  • Tolerance control
  • Wizard formulation
  • Receipts, labels printing, storage and data transmission

For more information about the New GAEP Series of Scales from Dini Argeo click here.

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