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Two New Doran Weighing Systems are UL Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous locations

You are viewing the weighing news Two New Doran Weighing Systems are UL Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous locations at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Two New Doran Weighing Systems are UL Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in Hazardous locations

Doran Scales Inc. (United States) – Two new Doran weighing systems are UL Certified Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous locations. Doran 8100IS and 8200IS feature explosion-proof design and exceptional build quality.

Doran has introduced two full-featured digital weighing indicators designed foruse in hazardous locations— ideal for manufacturing processes where equipment is exposed to flammable gases; flammable or combustible liquid-produced vapors; combustible dusts or ignitable fibers; or flyings.

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The Doran 8100IS Series and Doran 8200IS Series are UL Intrinsically Safe (IS) Certifiedin accordance with U.S. UL and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and with CAN Standards. The units are also certified IP6X against hazardous dust and fine particlesthat can ignite.

The market for this IS weighing equipment include fuel refineries, machinery maintenance, chemical plants, chemical storage, distilleries, and textile manufacturing — and demand is growing, driven by stringent government regulations, an increase in the use of integrated systems, the rise of automation, insurance requirements, and policies that encourage manufacturing and production in the U.S.

Doran’s IS indicators are UL Certified in all Classes, Divisions, and Groups, which make them extremely versatile for a range of applications and environments and weighing demands, from on-site testing where portable equipment is needed to large manufacturing facilities.

“What makes the Doran products stand out is our engineering, build quality and the UL Certification,” say Doran CEO Mark Podl. “You won’t find weak spots in our design, like plastic parts that can lead to system failures or require more maintenance. And UL testing is based on the latest standards for Intrinsically Safe equipment in explosive environments.So customers get IS products that deliver performance, functionality and value.”

The Doran 8100IS Series provides simple weigh only with a five-button user interface — Zero, Units, Print, Tare, and Gross/Net.

The 8200IS Series has a full numeric keypad and checkweigh features for accurate and easy verification that the product is at the correct weight — including a 250-product ID memory to store and recall a six-digit product ID along with Tare Weights, Accumulate Register, and Over / Under tolerances.

Two power options:

AC line power for permanent installation in the safe areas or hazardous area, and high-performance external rechargeable battery pack that can be easily removed for recharging in the safe area. For continuous battery power, maintaining multiple batteries allows for fast swapping in/out.

The 8100IS and 8200IS are built in the USA with 304 Stainless steel construction — ideal for heavy washdown and resistance to many chemicals and corrosion.

Additional features and options for 8100IS Series and the 8200IS Series include:

  • Backlit display for readability in all lighting conditions.
  • Responsive user interface that is easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.
  • Fiber optic interface to safe area RS-232 printers or data collection software.
  • Four Units of Measure: scroll to use scale in LB, KG, OZ or G mode.
  • Two remote switch outputs.
  • Use with up to four 350-ohm load cells, ideal for interface with IS certified floor scales or tank and hopper scales.

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