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Testing – Portable Vehicle Enforcement withLS630-WIM ™Scales in Kentucky

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Portable Vehicle Enforcement with LS630-WIM ™ Scales in Kentucky

Intercomp Company (United States) – In the US, states must meet a federal requirement to collect commercial vehicle data and report back with this information. By deploying portable scale systems, the Kentucky Highway Patrol would capture these weights for federal compliance, and also use them for overweight enforcement.

“Kentucky had performance requirements that had to be met by the scale system: Portability for ease of setup, Weigh-In-Motion capability for vehicle screening, NTEP certification for ticketing, and wireless communication for operation at a distance to maintain officer safety.” Kentucky Highway Patrol.

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By selecting Intercomp’s LS630-WIM™ portable Weigh-In-Motion scale system, Kentucky was able to meet all of their performance requirements. The scales operate in WIM mode for screening vehicles, weighing several vehicles per minute and capturing over a hundred vehicle records per hour.

Unlike WIM- or static-only scales, the LS630-WIM™ scales switch to static mode at the push of a button and are NTEP certified in static weighing for commercial vehicle weight enforcement. The system’s PT20™ indicator accumulates and displays axle and Gross Vehicle Weights (GVW) for an onboard printer, or for saving vehicle records to export via a USB port. Communication between the scales and indicator is done wirelessly, allowing cable-free operation at a safe distance (up to 300 ft) from the active weighing zone.

Due to its portability, certified accuracy, and versatility of operation in WIM and static modes, the LS630-WIM™ portable Weigh-In-Motion scale system is used worldwide for vehicle screening and enforcement applications.

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