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Testing – Applied Weighing Teleonix II Silo Telemetry Enhances Efficiency with Online Visibility of Multiple Silo Contents & Material Usage

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Applied Weighing International Limited (United Kingdom) – A major plastic packaging manufacturer has installed the Teleonix II telemetry system from Applied Weighing on their existing silo level equipment.

With a portfolio of 18 silos, stock management is a major task. Constant monitoring of material usage is essential, this previously consisted of multiple time consuming journeys per day to each silo, to log and then analyse readings.

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With the implementation of the Applied Weighing ‘Teleonix II’ telemetry system, everything can now be monitored by multiple users from any PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access.

‘Once we saw the demonstration site, we knew immediately that this was the exact solution that we had been searching for’ – UK Materials Manager.

Although the silos were at 3 separate locations in 3 banks of 6 silos, hundreds of metres apart, the installation was simple using 3 separate Teleonix II units that communicate seamlessly to a single web portal.

The Teleonix II system integrates to the existing silo level displays using an analogue output (4-20mA or 0-10vdc) from each device.

Some of the very old silo displays didn’t have the analogue output capability, so these were upgraded as part of the package to new Applied Weighing Target 260 displays, allowing the connection with the Teleonix II system.

‘We have provided access to our planning, manufacturing, finance teams and our MD. They have all benefitted greatly from the system in different ways. We have also provided access on just four of the silos to one of our key suppliers so that they can control the scheduling of their own deliveries into those four silos. In total we have are over 20 users who can log on and use the system, it has improved efficiency for so many’ – Finance Director.

‘The daily report and usage graphs allow us to track our total stock, predict delivery requirements and to look back in history and scrutinise our suppliers’ – UK Materials Manager.

How it works:

  • Multiple silos connect into the AW180 Teleonix II unit or units
  • Each Teleonix II unit is connected to mobile internet via an in built SIM card
  • Silo level data is updated to a secure cloud server, typically every 10 minutes, but can be more frequent if required
  • Multiple users can have access to all or any combination of silos

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