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Testing – DXDT Racing Uses Intercomp HUBSCALE360™ to Support Multiple Cars

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Intercomp Company (United States) – The RFX® Wireless HUBSCALE360™ offers the latest technological updates with a race winning lineage tracing back to Intercomp’s introduction of the racing industry’s first hub-mounted alignment system that included a self-contained wireless scale. The newest generation provides greater clearance for brake components that continue to grow in size to fulfill the demand for greater braking efficiency. The HUBSCALE360™ retains the performance, versatility and cost-effectiveness associated with Intercomp’s hub-mounted corner balancing systems.

"We purchased our first set of Intercomp hub scales in 2017. Initially, the system caught the team’s attention on esthetics. The system looked well-designed and utilized high-quality materials, including billet aluminum. As we used the system, we continued to be impressed with its reliability and performance. Features like the RFX® wireless connection were very reliable, unlike similar systems with which we had experience and allowed us to calculate ride height with greater precision." – Richard Raeder, Manager – DXDT Racing.

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Changes to the battery box/load cell housing provides clearance for a wider variety of racecars, including those with comparatively large brake components, while thicker mid-plates provide more rigidity to counteract greater wheel offsets. Raeder said the versatility of the HUBSCALE360™ makes it easier and more cost-effective for DXDT to look after cars from several different manufacturers that compete in a variety of classes during the same race weekend. One system can be mounted on the team’s Honda TCR racecar – 5-lug wheel hub – then used on a Mercedes-AMG GT3 – centerlock hub – by changing the hub adapter.

Intercomp’s HUBSCALE360™ also increases the cost-effectiveness for teams that stick with a single brand and model of car, through several generations. When manufacturers develop an update, small changes to parts of the hub components and braking systems can change the profile of the wheel-mounting surface. By machining new hub adapters and spacers a team can upgrade their current HUBSCALE360™ to fit the updated hubs.

The RFX® Wireless Weighing Technology used in Intercomp’s HUBSCALE360™ streamlines corner balancing by allowing weight data to be accessed by users on a variety of platforms. Weights can be viewed securely in real time using Intercomp’s RaceWeigh PC software, the system’s handheld wireless indicator, and via the free iRaceWeigh app on a Bluetooth®-enabled mobile device. This allows crew members to discuss potential chassis adjustments, making it an ideal piece of equipment to boost the efficiency and collaboration of any size race team.

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