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seca launches EMR valid occupation of Column Scales configured in the main for the statesman African American bear market

You are viewing the weighing news seca launches EMR validated line of Column Scales designed specifically for the North American market at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

seca launches EMR validated line of Column Scales designed specifically for the North American market

Seca (USA) – The MedTec company offers the perfect combination of precision, future-proof technology and cost efficiency – without compromising quality.

40 percent of women, 35 percent of men and already 17 percent of children and adolescents in the United States are obese. The importance of regular measurement and weighing thus becomes indispensable for prevention of and the fight against obesity. At the same time, cost-efficiency is becoming a main driver for medical facilities when purchasing new scales and measuring systems. Until now, healthcare providers often had to compromise in precision, quality or patient safety when they look for a cost-efficient scale. seca's new line of column scales offers the combination with the highest quality, patient security and optimized workflows at competitive price points – specifically designed to meet the requirements of both primary care and acute care in North America.

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Jeff Mayes, Executive Vice President of seca North America stated, “With the new seca line seca 777, 787 and 797 we really wanted to ensure that no compromises had to be made when it came to precision and a cost-efficient scale. When designing the product line, we knew that we had to provide the North American market with enhanced features that satisfy the clinical demands in today’s modern healthcare. This line of column scales does exactly that by giving healthcare professionals three variations to choose from based on their specific needs.”

The three tiers of medical-grade measuring and weighing:

seca 777 – A secure scale:

Unlike other manufacturer scales that possess a tipping hazard and put a patient’s safety at risk for injury, the new column scale line has a low-profile, full metal platform (no plastic) and stable single piece column with eye-level display. The anti-tip design ensures that the scale won’t tilt even when placing all weight at the edge.

The 550-pound weight capacity meets the demands of all patient types—whether users are weighing small children or large individuals. The column scales were designed with a measuring rod that boasts an extra long range from 4 to 90 inches. Equipped with large rubber coated castors and wide wheelbase, the scales are seamless to transport.

seca 787 and seca 797 – futureproof and EMR validated scales:

In addition to the seca 777 features the seca 787 is upgradeable with an additional EMR validated module. The seca 797 even offers healthcare providers direct EMR integration with a built-in EMR Wi-Fi module, which is the unique and state-of-the-art solution for EMR integration. Extended with an optional USB barcode scanner, both patient and user are identified and the measurement results are always correctly assigned. In addition, both devices have a digital measuring rod. This combination of features save time, improve workflow efficiency, increase process reliability and eliminate transmission errors.

seca is the only scale manufacturer that is Cerner VitalsLink validated. By using HL7 based interface technology seca products like seca 787 and 797 can also be seamlessly integrated in other EMR systems provided by Epic, Allscripts, Agfa, Athena or others. This results in workflow optimization and improved patient safety. That is a big step and the basis for a solid competitive advantage.

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