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Pioneering Reliability in Truck Scales: ANYLOAD and NuWeigh’s Impact in Australia

You are viewing the weight news with product testing Pioneering Reliability in Truck Scales: ANYLOAD and NuWeigh’s Impact in Australia at Golden Lotus Measuring equipment.

Pioneering Reliability in Truck Scales: ANYLOAD and NuWeigh’s Impact in Australia

Anyload Weigh & Measure Inc. (Australia): Pioneering Reliability in Truck Scales: ANYLOAD and NuWeigh’s Impact in Australia.

While ANYLOAD’s partnership with Newcastle Weighing Systems (NuWeigh) has been pivotal in popularizing the adoption of double ended beam load cell technology across Australia for truck scale applications. Recognizing the clear advantages in terms of reliability—even at a higher unit cost due to its robust metal usage—ANYLOAD and NuWeigh have set together a new standard in the weighing industry

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The Challenge of Remote Service Calls in Australia:

Consider the typical scenario of a service technician dispatched for a warranty service call in rural Australia: the journey can span several hours by road, often to remote locations accessible only via long drives or even flights (while a set of tools are sent ahead of time in pallet boxes). This isn’t just a logistical challenge; it’s a significant business expense. To replace a single load cell can cost thousands of dollars just in mileage charges alone. Each warranty call involves substantial travel time and costs, highlighting the necessity for reliable and durable equipment that minimizes the need for such interventions.

Advantages of Double-Ended Beam Load Cells:

The strategic decision by ANYLOAD and NuWeigh to champion the use of 102BH-style double-ended beam load cells across Australia was driven by their superior features:

  • Self-Centering and Self-Aligning: These load cells maintain optimal alignment under load, crucial for delivering accurate measurements consistently and reducing the need for frequent recalibration.
  • Enhanced Stability: Unlike traditional canister or rocker-column load cells, which are vulnerable to toppling and spinning, double-ended beam load cells offer a stable base that resists such movements, preventing cable severance and load cell failure.
  • Robust Against Environmental Wear: Particularly suitable for the abrasive environments found in Australia, these load cells are designed to resist sand and dirt accumulation that can wear down components, thereby extending their operational lifespan.

Strategic Adoption for Australia’s Market:

ANYLOAD and NuWeigh recognized that the intrinsic value of double-ended beam load cells—despite their higher initial cost—lies in their potential to reduce long-term service and maintenance costs. This is especially pertinent in Australia, where service costs are amplified by the vast distances technicians must travel to remote industrial sites.

The Impact of a Forward-Thinking Partnership:

The collaboration between ANYLOAD and NuWeigh is not just about adopting a superior technology; it’s about understanding and addressing the specific challenges of the Australian market. By reducing the frequency of maintenance and increasing the reliability of truck scales, this partnership has helped reshape expectations and set new benchmarks for performance and durability in the industry. By significantly reducing failure rates and time required between regular servicing, NuWeigh is therefore able to expand their service area from just the Newcastle-Sydney area to all of Australia.

The First Groundbreaking Installation:

The accompanying photo captures the first truck scale installed by NuWeigh using ANYLOAD’s 102BH-style double-ended beam load cells, a significant milestone in our partnership. Notably, this scale still features bumper guards—a testament to the initial caution with which this new technology was approached. At the time, despite the promising advantages of the double-ended beam design, there was still some hesitation regarding its ability to fully negate the need for traditional stabilizing components like bumper guards. This image not only illustrates the beginning of a transformative phase in truck scale technology in Australia but also reflects the evolving trust in the enhanced stability and reliability offered by our load cells. Over time, as the efficacy of the double-ended beam load cells became evident, the reliance on additional supports like bumper guards diminished, showcasing the true potential and adaptability of this technology in practical applications.


ANYLOAD and NuWeigh continue to lead by example, demonstrating how strategic choices in technology adoption can transform business operations and industry standards. Their efforts in promoting double-ended beam load cells have not only proven successful in enhancing scale reliability but have also significantly reduced the operational burdens associated with servicing remote and challenging environments. In the era of automation, labour shortages, and rising demands for safety and reliability, ANYLOAD works with its partners across the world who share in our values of delivering high performance products that are built to last.

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