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Testing – 10 Years Collaboration with Australia Partner NUWEIGH

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10 Years Collaboration with Australia Partner NUWEIGH

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China, Australia) – General Measure (China) supply high quality remote display to Australia and New Zealand, who has collaborated with NUWEIGH (Australia) in Remote Display for more than 10 years.

NUWEIGH sell remote displays provided by General Measure throughout the Australasian market. As these operate in a vast variety of environmental conditions from some of the hottest, driest climates, to areas which experience high wind and cold conditions, NUWEIGH claims, we always offer the robust remote displays for reliability and functionality.

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These remote displays with large, extremely bright digits are excellent for viewing from wide angles, and come complete with a stainless steel weather shroud to provide exceptional viewing in direct sunlight.

NUWEIGH connect these remote displays in a number of applications, most commonly to indicators connected to a weighbridge. This enables the truck driver and operator with easily viewed truck weights via the large 120mm or 65mm displays.

Some of these weighbridges are also configured with traffic light functions next to the remote display to instruct drivers when to move forward onto the weighbridge.

Other applications such as pallet weighing is also an option for these remotes, enabling a forklift operator to easily weigh the weights when loading large items where vision of the scale base may be impaired.

They also offer the operator on option of having the weight displayed at multiple areas. For example: The indicator could display the weight at the scale and a remote display could display this replicated weight in an office or outdoors.

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